The Cherish Waste collection

Fashion made to love and to last.

When you love something, you want to take care of it. That’s true of our friendships, our families, and all the other things we value most — including our clothes. Cherish Waste is the latest drop in our Innovation Stories, and every piece in the collection is made to be loved, worn and shared.

H&M’s Innovation Stories is a series of exclusive collections dedicated to promoting pioneering new materials, technologies and processes. For this collection, our design team looked at how we can treat the fabrics and materials that we often think of as waste. Can we make better use of these materials? Can we find new ways to cherish them?

With these questions in mind, our designers decided to explore feelings of love and care, and the result is a vivid, passionate collection. Standout dresses channel a romantic mood, like the bubblegum-pink heart-shaped dress in recycled polyester and the white tiered ruffle dress in recycled nylon and RENU® recycled polyester tulle. More relaxed pieces include the on-trend flame print co-ord shirt and trousers set, made from Naia™Renew, and the playful denim-effect printed joggers in a recycled cotton mix.

“The design team was talking about who we become when we fall in love – and how our clothes become part of the love story. So we created a collection about love and its many guises: romantic, tough, passionate, nonbinary and platonic. We are passionate about circularity, so most pieces have labels inside to encourage customers to write their names and a message when it is time to pass them on.” — Ella Soccorsi, concept designer at H&M

The creative team who brought the Cherish Waste campaign to life is made up of photographer Raphael Pavarotti and stylist Ibrahim Kamara. Together, they infused the collection with all the visual romance and drama that comes with being in love — and made sure that this collection is something to cherish for a long time to come.

The Cherish Waste collection will be available worldwide in selected stores and online from 21 April. Local variations may occur.

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