Liunic x H&M: a collaboration embracing kids’ creativity

This season, H&M collaborates with illustrator Martcellia Liunic for a colourful, creative kidswear collection, using print techniques with a lower environmental impact.

“Knowing kids around the world can wear my artworks really warms my heart!” says Martcellia Liunic, the illustrator and visual artist, on the latest H&M kidswear collaboration. With that same playful and happy vibe, Liunic is known for her energetic colours and bold prints. “Colour is the main thing for me. I used to draw in black and white, but when I tried playing with colours I fell in love and could not stop exploring them,” she says.

As an illustrator and visual artist, Martcellia Liunic runs an art label called Liunic on Things that focuses on art to wear and “fashion items for the connoisseur of cute”. She usually works in different mediums like gouache, acrylics, digital and sometimes collage. For the H&M collection, there are illustrations of creatures, plants, flowers and shapes, embracing kids’ self-expression and creativity, but also encouraging their imagination.

Liunic’s whimsical, doodle-like illustrations feature on t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, hoodies, shorts, skirts, dresses and joggers, plus sunglasses, bucket hats, baseball caps, bags and socks. There is also a wide range of trainers. The collection is available for babies (online only) and kids to 14 years old and above. With an overall colourful palette of pink, lilac, ocean blue, black, white, bright red and emerald green, the positive energy and joy of the new season really come to life.

What about Liunic’s own creative journey? “I get my inspiration from everything around me, like nature. I also love animals, abstract shapes and I like to draw girl characters so I put that in my illustrations. Sometimes it’s from movies or music I've listened to or conversations with friends and slices of life,” she says.

The collection is made using innovative and more sustainable print techniques that have lower environmental impact. One of the chosen techniques is digital printing, which consumes less water, less energy and less chemicals than traditional printing. Each piece has also been crafted from at least 50% sustainably sourced materials, including some trainers using Bananatex®, an innovative fabric made purely from banana plants.

“With this collection, we’re proud to bring more innovative, sustainable techniques to the fore — making each piece a bright way to start the season. We also want to embrace fun prints, vibrant colours, and fresh designs. Martcellia Liunic’s illustrations are such a glorious complement, especially as we also want to inspire kids to feel free when expressing themselves, carrying joy and creativity into everyday life!” says Sofia Löfstedt, Head of Kidswear Design at H&M.

When it comes to fostering joy and creativity — in children and adults alike — we could all learn from Liunic. “I love sketching and practicing on gouache and acrylics because it gives me a therapeutic feeling. I try to enjoy my mistakes, embracing the moment and creative action!” Liunic says.

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