6 easy steps to this season’s coolest makeup trend

Neon-bright colour is the fastest way to revive your ordinary makeup routine this autumn – and nothing’s as chic and pretty as the season’s new pink. Not for your lips, for your eyes!

1. As always, you need to start with a fresh, evenly-toned face. Apply a light layer of foundation, tinted moisturiser, BB or CC cream and blend to a smooth finish. Next, curl your lashes and brush your brows. Cover your lips with lip balm and blot off any excess with a tissue. Powder lightly underneath the eyes and on the eyelids.

2. With a bright pink eyeliner, draw along your lash line. Take it out further for a French girl cat-eye. You can use the edge of a tube to get the perfect flick.

3. Fill the rest of the eye crease with the pink liner but don’t extend beyond the crease or you’ll lose the cat-eye effect. For Asian eyes without a crease, go slightly thicker with the colour along the lash line.

4. Now you need to set the liner so it stays put. Dot or press pink eye shadow over the eyeliner. Swipe away any excess colour with a cotton bud. You can correct any smudges with a concealer, if necessary.

5. Very carefully apply mascara so you don’t get any on your pink eyelids.

6. Just because your eyes have loads of colour doesn’t mean your lips need to be naked. Use lipliner on the inside contour of your lips. Don’t go too far outside the lip line. Press lips together, then use your finger or a brush to spread the colour. 

Tip: Use lipliner instead of lipstick, which can slide off too easily. And make sure to apply the lip balm during step 1 so it has time to soak into the lips. Otherwise, the lipliner will also smear.

7. This is how you make your eyes pop. Pretty, but not overpowering. 

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