Create a modern French manicure in just six easy steps.

Create a modern French manicure in just six easy steps.


Quick, easy and very fetching, negative space (i.e. leaving some of your nail bare) nail art is the latest rage. Try our modern take on the French manicure, with triangles and multiple colours!

1. Lay down the groundwork first: carefully push back your cuticles, file away any stray bits of skin and wipe each nail clean with some varnish remover. 

2. Apply one layer of a clear base coat, making sure to cover the nail evenly. Then pick two to three colours for your design. Here, we’ve chosen black, mauve and blue. For a more modern look, opt for subtle colours and steer clear of neons. 

3. Think you need fancy tools for nail art? Think again! If you look at the brush of any nail varnish, most have a rounded top to help create the perfect stroke because it matches the nail shape. To make the precise lines and shapes of nail art, all you need to do is cut straight across the brush with scissors. Just don’t forget to clean the scissors with nail varnish remover afterwards.

4. Start with one colour, we chose black. Place the straight-cut brush diagonally near the nail tip to mark one edge of a triangle (think of the “point” of the triangle aiming towards the nail bed). Mark another edge of the triangle and fill in, if necessary. You can make one to two triangles per nail, as shown with the dotted lines on the bare nails. 

5. Now pick your second colour, in our case, mauve. Repeat the same procedure as step four on top of the first colour (black), but make the triangles smaller so it looks like you have an outline of black. 

6. The third colour is optional, but if you go for it, either paint and fill in another triangle beside a black/mauve one or make even smaller triangles on top of the mauve ones. Here, instead of using the original nail brush, use a small, thin paint brush, which enables you to be extremely precise and draw small details. Use a nail varnish remover pen to clean up any mistakes that might happen. 

And you’re done! You’ve got simple yet striking negative space nail art!

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