Spring’s hottest hair trends are actually kind of old.

Spring’s hottest hair trends are actually kind of old

Do you dare the MoMu cut?

While the shag was the haircut of 2016, the modern mullet (aka the MoMu) is poised to take this year’s crown. Now you’d be forgiven if bad flashbacks of ice hockey players or any image from the ‘80s popped up in your mind, but this is an evolution that looks remarkably up-to-date and oh-so fashionable. Essentially longer in the back and shorter in the front like the mullet of yore, the MoMu is softer and less angular. Crucially, it’s longer around the ears so the overall effect is seamless (rather than the dreaded two-haircut result). And by adapting the cut to any face shape, the MoMu can work for everyone. To style, use a round brush to blow-dry for a more glamorous take or encourage some laidback waves by scrunching the hair with salt spray and air-dry.

You don’t always need a cut to change things up in the hairstyle game. Case in point: the accent braid. Add one or several anywhere, to any ‘do – short or long hair, layered or one-length, up-do or straight down. And they can be thin, delicate braids, or wide statement plaits, the choice is yours. Right now, we love the look of braiding from the nape of your neck up into a high ponytail or bun (bonus: you won’t have the “bump” there that’s bound to happen). Day-old hair tends to be easier to braid because your hair has more grip, but you can always use texturising spray or powder to cheat. One final neat trick: to make your hair look fuller, gently pull apart the plaits to widen them. At this point, you can leave them or muss them up even more for a textured look.

If the Spring/Summer 2017 catwalks are anything to go by, it’s time to resurrect the flat iron. Straight, shiny and centre-parted hair was big news and lucky for us, extremely easy for anyone to achieve. But first, it helps if your hair is in tip-top condition – it should look healthy and not fried. A little trim to get rid of split ends always works wonders. Also, heat protectant is your BFF whenever it comes to heat styling so if you aren’t in the practice now, get started and your tresses will thank you for it! For the sleekest hair possible using a flat iron, first comb or brush out any knots through the hair, then take a section and grip with a brush. Run the hot iron above the brush as you move down the tip, keeping the section taut, but not pulling from the scalp. Super sleek hair is moments away!

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