The perfect summer skin

The perfect summer skin

Aiming for a sunkissed beauty look for all those hot summer days on the beach? Here’s what you need.

Nourishing Primer Oil
Flawless Concealer (shades: Soft Sand, Topaz)
Smoothing Face Primer Flawless Base (shade: Clear)
Solar Flair Bronzing Powder (shade: Sunrise Glow)
Illumination Lustre Powder (shade: Sunbeam)
Face Gloss ­(shade: Moonlight)
Sheer Lip Colour (shade: Tartarian Cherry)

Give the sun some help on the way with bronzer and glow. Start by moisturising your skin by massaging the Nourishing Primer Oil into your face and neck, and then apply the Smoothing Face Primer Flawless Base to make the skin soft and silky. 

Find a bronzing powder that works with your skin tone — don’t go overboard with either the shade or the amount! The trick is to apply the bronzer to the highest parts of your skin, where the sun touches you first: the cheekbones, the nose, the chin and the forehead. To get a natural and slightly shifting effect, we combined the Solar Flair Bronzing Powder in the shade Sunrise Glow with the Illumination Lustre Powder in the lighter shade Sunbeam. A subtle, sheer lipstick is the perfect Tartarian Cherry on top. Be sure to bring the Face Gloss stick to the beach for touch-ups throughout the day.



PHOTO Hedvig Jenning | Mink Mgmt.

MAKEUP Linda Gradin | L’Atelier NYC

HAIR Erika Svedjevik | Link Details

MODEL Amelia Milne | Muse NYC


MAKEUP ASSISTANT Johanna Nordlander

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