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Three beauty hacks to get the perfect base

Any beauty look begins with the perfect base, and we know the tricks to nail it.

Are you more of a brush-kind-of-person? Then the trick is not getting too much product onto the brush. Put some foundation on the back of your hand and gently massage it with the bristles of the brush. Using the brush, apply small dots of foundation to your forehead, cheeks and chin, and stroke the brush in gentle motions from the centre of your face outwards. This way you will have more coverage around your eyes and nose, and less towards your hair and jawline where you don’t need as much.

A black eyeliner will transform the perfect base to the perfect everyday look. Shake the Precision Eye Marker and press it gently on the back of your hand before you use it on your eyes. Draw a thin line along your eyelashes, holding the pen from above. Stop right before the outer corner of your eye and repeat on the other eye. Then add the wings.

When applying your foundation using a blending sponge, it should be damp. Rinse it with water and squeeze out any excess water, leaving it nice and moist. Put a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand and dab a few drops of it onto your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin using your fingertips. Then use your sponge and quickly tap over the dots, blending the foundation out towards your hairline and jaw to diffuse the colour. Repeat until you get the coverage you want. 

Take the perfect base to the next level with a highlighter — and not the usual shimmering one. The idea is to create a contrast to your skin tone by using either a warmer or a colder shade. We chose the purple Illumination Lustre Powder in the hue Neon Sunset, which catches and reflects the light and leaves a fresh, radiant finish. Use a bigger brush and apply it on top of your normal highlight areas: the cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, the arch of your eyebrows and the chin. Finish the look with a matching Cream Lip Colour in the purple shade Mauvine Queen.

One of the best makeup tools is always with you. Using your fingers warms up the pigments in the foundation or concealer and makes it creamy and easy to blend. Use the applicator to make small dots of concealer under your eyes or any other area that needs a bit more coverage and dab the product into the skin with your finger until it’s nicely blended with your skin. Wait a minute or two and do it all over again if you feel it’s one of these days when just one layer of concealer is not enough.

A soft base + a chunky mascara = a modern and quick beauty look. Go for a creamy mascara with a bigger brush — we used the Maximalist Mascara in Deep Black — and don’t let it dry in-between applying the layers. Press the brush onto the lashes and jag it outwards again and again until you get just the right amount of chunkiness, adding more mascara to the brush when needed. Use the Soft Kajal Eye Pencil in-between the lashes and on the water line for a more distinct look.

PHOTO Hedvig Jenning | Mink Mgmt
MAKEUP Linda Gradin | L’Atelier NYC
HAIR Sabrina Zsinay | The Wall Group
MODELS Seynabou Cissé, Anita-Jane Pathammavong | JAG Models, Callie Dixon | Next Model Management
PHOTO ASSISTANTS John Temones, Jeremy Hall

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