To prime or not to prime, that seems to be the eternal beauty question. While the choice is always up to you, we make the case for primers – from makeup to hair and even fragrance.

Do you sometimes find your base just sitting in your pores? Or being “eaten up” by natural skin oils before the end of the day? This is where face primer comes into play. Lightweight in texture, create a flawless canvas for your makeup with this smoothing formula – it will even out skin texture, and minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines. Apply before your foundation or use on its own for a subtle smoothing effect.

QUICK TIP: Avoid overloading on primer or else it might start pilling or rolling under your foundation. A small drop, approximately the size of a raisin, is plenty.

Fancy an all-over yet low-key radiant effect? Use these sheer liquid illuminating drops as a primer under your foundation or concealer. While you can, of course, mix with your favourite primer, foundation, tinted moisturiser or BB/CC cream and also use the drops as a stand-alone highlighter, an entire priming layer under your base will really give you that lit-from-within look. A little goes a long way, so place small dots around the face and blend well.

QUICK TIP: A thicker moisturiser mixed in with the highlight drops would also make an amazing primer. With well-hydrated skin, your foundation won’t flake off!

The newest area to benefit from a primer is our lashes. This defining primer not only boosts eyelash volume, but also creates a perfect base for our favourite mascaras. And it’s enriched with beeswax, plant keratin and cottonseed oil to condition the lashes, too. You’ll also find that a mascara primer can elevate so-so performing mascaras to sublime. Simply apply a layer of primer before adding your coats of mascara. 

QUICK TIP: It’s often best to limit your coats of mascara to just one or two in order to avoid clumping, but experiment around to find your perfect combo.

Love matte liquid lipstick, creamy lippies and shiny lip gloss? Us, too! Hate feathering or products settling into your lip lines? Of course, you do! Which is why this lightweight primer will be your new lip BFF. Enriched with vitamin E, the primer refines and hydrates lips, plus locks in your lip colour and prevents fading and feathering. Apply on clean and exfoliated lips before lip colour for best results.

QUICK TIP: You can also apply this clear primer around the perimeter of your mouth before you put on your lipstick to keep it from feathering.

Eyeshadow primer, you know about, but how about something a bit different to ensure you get blazing true colours on your lids? Using a soft, creamy, highly pigmented pencil, lay down a layer of white eyeliner over your lid and blend, then apply your eyeshadow. Step back and be amazed how your handiwork looks exactly like the colours in the pan! It’s like a dream come true…

QUICK TIP: Because the pencil is so blendable, you can simply draw a series of Xs across your lid and then blend with a soft brush to get your eyes primed for that glorious colour.

Let’s not forget about our tresses! If you’re wondering why you would need a hair primer, it’s the same premise as makeup primers – you want to provide the best possible condition for the hero product, and in the case of haircare, heat styling tools. This multi-use primer spray detangles and nourishes the hair, plus adds shine and softening, all necessary for layering on everything from volumisers, heat protection, texturisers, pomades, you name it.

QUICK TIP: Spray the hair primer evenly onto damp hair before styling. Comb through with a wide-tooth comb for even distribution and maybe a little scalp massage while you’re there.

One of the secrets to long-lasting fragrance? Building layers. So think of this body mist as your primer on which you apply other fragrance products on top, such as body creams, perfume sprays, oils or balms. And you don’t have to match fragrances either. Make your own truly bespoke scent by layering different kinds – floral and spicy, fresh and earthy, woody, floral and musky, you get the picture. The possibilities are now endless!

QUICK TIP: Concentrate your scents on the pulse points for maximum effect, but we also like a quick spritz in the hair just because. 

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