Your new fragrance wardrobe – a guide

Your new fragrance wardrobe – a guide

Your new fragrance wardrobe – a guide

H&M’s new perfume line has a scent for every mood. We list the must-haves from the collection.

However sophisticated the idea of a signature scent is, it really is hard to stick to just one scent. The reason is simple: a scent evokes feelings and moods and we have got more than one of those.

H&M perfumes have worked with master perfumers Olivier Pescheux and Nisrine Grillié to create a fragrance collection with a wide range of scents. For all our different moods, feelings, seasons and even looks.

The Singles are easy to wear, with truly imaginative blends to evoke dreams and memories. For those who prefer sophisticated scents that linger on, The Reveries take you there. For perfume lovers who want classic and powerful blends, The Essences hit the spot with iconic ingredients sourced from rare and precious raw materials.

”No one seeks the same from a fragrance, some look for freshness, some for comfort. Others to express their own personality. But also to olfactively materialise the emotions and feelings you are going through,” says Olivier Pescheux.

”This is the strength of this amazing collection of fragrances, proposing so many choices, allowing people to fit their fragrance with their will and feelings.”

Collection: The Essences


MOOD: Do you think all roses are sweet? Ha, think again. This proud damask rose turns into the queen of the bouquet with warm patchouli and cedarwood by her side. All hail the queen!

FOR: Any woman who loves making an entrance, who dresses in black and wears thick eyeliner and thinks nothing of it. And why should she? She is not afraid of a little drama, but can be the most caring and sensual person you will ever meet, if you let her. But only when nobody else is around.

WHAT? Damask roses harvested in southern Turkey with a warm and spicy heart of saffron, cinnamon and clary sage. 


MOOD: When you dream of wearing a slick, green safari jacket and going on old-time adventures discovering and exploring. But realise that in all honesty, the urban jungle will do just fine. 

FOR: White shirt, dressy trousers, high heels and red lipstick. This is a woody, green scent for anyone who thinks the absolute line between male and female scents is long gone, or at least quite blurred.

WHAT? A dry, salty and woody scent with Haitian roots. Nutmeg and grapefruit keep it perky and nutty, while green vetyver and warm red cedarwood take it down to earth. Almost literally.

No one seeks the same from a fragrance, some look for freshness, some for comfort.


Collection: The Reveries

EdT/Body Mist

MOOD: Life is a stage and you’re the star. Sometimes you need a little confidence, and sometimes your confidence needs a matching scent. Either way – this is it.

FOR: A powerful, exploding bouquet for the performer in all of us, whether at work or on a stage. Pair with statement glasses, boots and big jewellery. Attitude is optional, smartness is not.

WHAT? Proud and strong white flowers like orange blossom and lily of the valley, paired with warm and sensual patchouli.


MOOD: Warmth and longing in a trembling heart. This is a scent for all you dreamers out there, for one day you will take over the world. One heart at a time. And the takeover will smell like this.

FOR: Enchanted evenings, vivid daydreaming and secret scribblings in a beautiful notebook. Who says a romantic heart can't be strong? Love is never apologetic, it just is.

WHAT? Feminine and captivating magnolia, warm and innocent vanilla and reliable ginger make for a silky and caressing scent. For yourself and for those you allow to come close.


Collection: The Singles


MOOD: Who needs an invitation to the party when you are the party?

FOR: Friends of following impulses and saying yes more often than no. This is energy in a bottle, which goes well with sparkly accessories, your favourite sneakers and some dancing. And maybe a good playlist too. Good mood is guaranteed. And yes, the freshness of this scent is perfect for you athletes and sporty types out there as well.

WHAT? Zesty, sparkling and all together bubbly. This is a tangy citrus scent from Japan to seriously lift all moods. Energising and happy, Yuzu brings a bit of summer all year round.


H&M’s new fragrance wardrobe was created in collaboration with award-winning perfumer Olivier Pescheux and rising star Nisrine Grillié from the French perfume house Givaudan.
The H&M fragrance collection is divided into three groups.

The Singles consist of instinctive and familiar scents that are as easy to wear as they are to relate to: a washed white t-shirt hanging out to dry, the deep and satisfying pleasure of chocolate, the powdery scent of newly applied lipstick.

The Reveries illustrate more sophisticated universes, fitting different occasions and moments of life: feeling glamorous, feeling fresh after the gym, feeling sensual or energised.

The Essences pay tribute to some of perfumery’s most iconic ingredients like roses, patchouli and vetyver. 

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