A fan of smooth application and a flawless complexion? Of course you are, and we’ve got some news for you.

Introducing the OVAL BRUSH SET – a set of brushes with a rounded design, perfect for applying and blending everything from foundation to lip colour. 

So what’s the difference from a traditional makeup brush? For one thing, since you’ll hold this brush more like a toothbrush, you’ll keep your hands out of the way, being able to actually see what you’re doing. 

The density of the bristles gives the brush a more even surface, which means the product won’t end up in the bottom of the brush. Instead, the product stays on the top of the bristles, and as you apply the product – liquid, powder or mousse – you will create a super smooth complexion. 

To quickly and easily cover bigger areas – like applying your base makeup – use the biggest oval brush. The medium size works best when applying blush or bronzer, and the smallest is perfect for precision work like eyes, lips or eyebrows. 

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