Naki Depass in autumn’s coolest faux fur

The rising model star shines in this season’s statement coat.

Her grace, poise and intelligence present in every shot, Naki Depass is the kind of model that draws you in and holds your gaze. In fact, we’ve been obsessed with the young Jamaican ever since she made her catwalk debut in 2016, walking Burberry’s prestigious show. Today, she’s already a runway veteran. When we meet in New York, Depass is on a rare break in her hectic fashion week schedule. 

”The fashion industry is totally different from what I thought it would be. At first I didn't want to be a model so I had limited knowledge about the things you have to do before booking a job. I was unaware about the whole idea of castings and such – I thought you just simply would get booked for jobs. But also, I've now learnt about the many fun experiences that come with the job.”

Yes, Naki Depass was somewhat of a reluctant model when she first started out. She was looking forward to university, dreaming of a career in accounting.

”I like working with figures, rather than writing a report or anything of that sort. I love mathematics and also I think that with an accounting education you can venture into multiple careers that are accounting related.”

I really like the fabric, and also the colour was lovely.


But after meeting with Deiwght Peters, founder of Saint International and scouting genius behind many of Jamaica’s rising model stars, Naki Depass was finally convinced. And here we are now, in a studio in New York City, shooting our series of this season’s Premium Essentials – wardrobe must-haves designed to last a lifetime. We have photographed five women, who all are our muse of the season, each of them wearing an essential piece we can’t live without in AW17. For Naki Depass, stylist Ilona Hamer chose this season’s statement coat in a super soft and luxe faux fur. Naki, of course, wore it like a queen.
”I really like the fabric, and also the colour was lovely,” she says.

”I think I would consider my mum as my muse, we have an inseparable relationship. She's always encouraging me, she supports my decisions and also she's the reason I’ve been such a responsible teenager.”

”The most important aspect of my life is my family. I'm a family-oriented person and enjoy being around my family more than anything else.”

”In my opinion, beauty is more than just someone’s physical appearance – it also entails who you are on the inside, what type of personality you possess.”

This is the kind of piece that elevates your look, making you instantly cool.


”Wardrobe essentials don’t have to be boring”, says designer Chatarina Forseth. ”This is the kind of piece that elevates your look, making you instantly cool.”

This season’s best faux fur comes in a classic cinnamon shade that gives it a subtle retro vibe – but it doesn’t come off as too ladylike. ”And you don’t have to be a certain age to wear it, either,” says Chatarina Forseth. ”The faux fur is definitely one of this season’s must-have fashion statements.”

In a series on this season’s Premium Essentials – wardrobe must-haves meant to last a lifetime – we have photographed five women who all are our muse of the season, each of them wearing an essential piece we can’t live without in AW17. Click here to see actress and screenwriter Coco Baudelle in this season’s dream coat, here for French model Camille Roche in the most essential white shirt, here for model Pooja Mor in this season's black dress, and here for Creative Director Eliana Gil Rodriguez in the perfect power suit.


WHAT: Model

WHERE: New York City

BEAUTY SECRET: ”You are more beautiful when you smile”

INSTAGRAM: @nakidepass



PHOTOGRAPHER: Alexandra Nataf | Bridge Artists

STYLIST: Ilona Hamer | Bridge Artists

HAIR: Conrad Dornan | Bridge Artists

MAKEUP: Chiho Omae | Frank Reps

MODEL: Naki Depass | Elite Models

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