Twist, Stretch, And Repeat

Twist, Stretch, And Repeat

The lying twist releases tension in your lower back and stretches your hip and glute with this simple exercise.


Summer is coming and many of us are working hard to look good for the days when only a few pieces of clothing are required. After all the squats, hip thrusts and lunges you're doing to build your glute muscles for the warm months ahead, you have to stretch it out afterwards. This is when the lying twist is necessary – it stretches your lower back, hip, and glute. 

Fitness expert, H&M Sport ambassador and H&M Magazine personal trainer Amanda Bisk shows you how this simple and rewarding stretch exercise is done in three steps. Your body will thank you. 

Lay down on your back with your head on the ground and your eyes looking up. Lift your left knee to your chest, put your hands on your shin and hug your leg tight. 

When you have your left leg in your hands, make sure your right leg is kept straight and on the ground, keeping your hip open. 

Hold this position for five deep breaths. 

Let go of your left knee and place your left arm fully extended on the ground next to you. Use your right hand to guide your left knee to the side and slowly begin to twist your body. 

Make sure your left shoulder stays on the ground and keep your eyes on your left hand to increase the twist. When doing this twist, your aim should be to bring your left knee to the ground. 

Hold this position for five deep breaths. 

To increase the stretch, you should try to extend your left leg as much as possible by aiming to grip your toes with your right hand. Remember to keep your left shoulder on the ground and your left arm extended to the side.

Repeat the three steps, now with your other side. 


Get to know more about Amanda Bisk here and find all workout tutorials under the Sports Studio section here on H&M Magazine.

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