Supermodel beauty secrets

Brazilian tea, witch hazel and face massages – we round up some of the best (?) beauty tips from super beauties like Kendall Jenner, Liu Wen and Irina Shayk.

No, we are not naïve – we know their looks mostly comes from freakishly good genes. But top models spend a lot of time talking to professional beauty experts and taking care of their skin and hair. So they must know a thing or two about these things.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best answers from our ”Top Model Secrets” interviews – click through the slideshow or scroll down! 

”My beauty secrets are coconut water and chimarrão, a tea from the south of Brazil.”

– Caroline Trentini

”The best beauty advice is from my grandmother – ’Less is more’!”

– Irina Shayk

”If your hair is blond or light like mine, use brown mascara – not black.”

– Rianne van Rompaey

”Curling your lashes makes you look more awake. And a little blush on the cheeks will get you a long way!”

– Valentina Zelyaeva

”Massage your face with oil before putting makeup on.”

– Karmen Pedaru

”Exercise. Sweating gets toxins out and keeps blood circulating, and I always have a nice flush/glow after I work out. I think it keeps my skin looking good. Also, dry brushing my body before showering makes my skin so soft.”

– Hilary Rhoda

”I used coconut oil through my whole pregnancy to prevent stretch marks. It worked! Plus it’s great for cooking.”

– Julia Stegner

”Don’t worry about every little mishap. It saves you headaches and wrinkles.”

– Larissa Hofmann

”Always use eye cream and sunscreen.”

– Kendall Jenner

”Keep eye cream in the refrigerator and drink LOTS of water.”

– Candice Huffine

”Use hair conditioner instead of shampoo!”

– Karlina Caune

”A great concealer is all a girl needs.”

– Amanda Murphy

”Don't be afraid to experiment. If you don't try because of fear alone, you'll never feel inspired.”

– Liu Wen

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