The return of 90s skate style

Loud graphics, tracksuits, joggers, beaten denim and tube socks. This trend draws references from Russia in the early 1990s.

What would you wear if you were to time travel to Moscow in 1994? Based on this massively popular trend, you’d probably sport a pair of cropped stone-washed jeans, a tracksuit jacket, and T-shirts with loud graphics. This trend merges 90s skate style with Soviet nostalgia and has been one of the most influential and shaping fashion movements in the last year. The post-Soviet aesthetic shows no sign of losing ground in 2017, so you better start practising the Cyrillic alphabet. 

Fashion is circular and despite referring to this as drawing inspiration from the fallen Soviet Union, much of what is offered is just a new take on the biggest trends from the 90s. Wear your loud logo sweatshirt with cropped and distressed jeans (or over-long joggers), a printed football scarf and a denim jacket. Keep it simple and put your best I-woke-up-like-this face on.  

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