How to master peacocking

You need to be secure in your style to succeed with this colourful trend.

After seasons of athleisure, minimalism and monochrome ensembles, menswear is finally embracing bright colours, vivid prints and embellishments. Peacocking stands in stark contrast to most other spring and summer trends, and hangs on to some of last summer’s key items: souvenir jackets, socks in sandals and floral and fauna printed garments. Will you dare?

To peacock is to let go of your inhibitions. If you’re not completely ready to do so, you can start by adding a printed scarf to your otherwise monochrome attire. If you’re wearing one peacock-y accessory, you’re not exactly going the distance. If you’re bold, you’ll combine it with an embellished bomber, a printed resort shirt and a pair of silky trousers.

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