The Atomics in autumn’s coolest fashion story

A dreamy mix of nostalgia, rock ‘n’ roll and urban punk, modelled by the coolest kids in town.

With Utah’s magnificent mountains serving as backdrop, Australian photographer Emma Summerton shot Starlie, Daisy Clementine, Pyper America and Lucky Blue Smith in this season’s must-have fashion.

Going back to Utah, where the siblings grew up, to perform with their band The Atomics and to shoot with H&M Magazine, didn’t come without mixed emotions, said guitarist Daisy:

“I wish I had appreciated it more when I was here, because I’m never going to live like that again. Instead of waiting impatiently for the future, I should have appreciated living here.”

It was always there, the few days H&M Magazine spent with the Smiths in and around their old hometown of Spanish Fork, Utah: A lingering question of belonging. The happy familiarity of coming home, and then the uneasy sense of having grown out of their childhood small town. 

”It’s weird to be back here. For some reason this trip feels weird. My friends are different”, ”People change over a few years. Not in a bad way, but sometimes you grow apart,” said Lucky Blue, who then emphasised that he is still ”homies with all his solid friends.”

For this fashion story, Gro Curtis styled him in wool trousers, turtlenecks and classic shirts – juxtaposed with bold prints from the Kenzo x H&M collection (how dreamy is Lucky in that down jacket?). After all, life for the Smith siblings has been all about contrasts these last few years. 

“Coming from LA and New York, doing shoots with famous photographers, then returning to a school with farms around it. That was kind of weird,” said Lucky of his first few years of modelling, before the family left Utah for Los Angeles. 

Click here to read more about the homecoming trip to Spanish Fork – in part one of the story, photographed by Chadwick Tyler, the siblings showed us some of the places that played a part in the Atomics saga.

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