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High Fashion for Furry Friends

We crossed paws with eight amazing canines, all dressed in the season’s best dog-wear, and chatted with their humans about first meetings, weird habits — and endless puppy love.

“I’d like to think that Svante is quite marked by our little trio. He’s a lot like me in the way he seeks attention, and a lot like my girlfriend in his love for lazy afternoons and long sleep-ins. He always wants to be close, to sit in our laps even though he’s a big dog. He’s got such a wise personality, and I long for him whenever we’re apart.”
Mattias Bosta.

“We had never met Sumo before we went to the other side of the country to bring him home. He cried the whole trip back to Stockholm, but from the moment we set foot in our apartment he’s been happy and uncomplicated. He loves sunbathing and playing around, and he always wants to be close to me or my husband. He’s our baby, really. He made us a family.”
Emely Ramos Undén

“I got Buster from a rescue shelter when he was ten months old, after having been treated badly by his first owner. We connected immediately, he understood that I was his human. He’s a curious idiot with lots of love to share. And lots of farts and burps. I would never buy an English bulldog from a kennel, but I like to think that I’m the right person to help Buster with the problems that come from overbreeding. I know how to keep him cool in the summer, how to wash him, how to look after him. I would donate my heart to him if he needed it — because I feel that he would do the same for me.”
Iki Gonzalez Magnusson.

“Billie is a big dog in a very small package. She’s very selective when choosing who to trust and not — a lot like her master really; introvert and defensive in the beginning, but a loyal and trusting friend when you get to know her. My friend Robert and his boyfriend bought her, but they broke up almost immediately afterwards. That’s when I got to step in as her extra dad. And I don’t mean to sound cheesy, but she’s such a big part of my life now. Don’t smell her breath though — how’s it possible for something so cute to smell so badly?”
Armend Muqkurtaj.

“My sister used to work at an animal shelter in the US, and when I came to visit she mentioned she had a dog for me — Cookie. It was love at first sight, from both sides. Her previous owner had beaten her quite badly, but as soon as she landed on Swedish ground she changed completely. It was like she had finally found her home. Hugo is a more of a grumpy old man who wants all my attention all the time, and Pumba is happy with just chilling on the sofa. The trio is my everything, my life.”
Sofia Nyberg.

“Smilla used to be lively and playful, but as she’s grown older she’s become a lot slower. She’s more confident. Sometimes she’s arrogant towards younger dogs, like an old lady — ’I was here first, move away!’ Age has also made her more relaxed and cosy. She’s been part of our family for as long as I can remember, more than half my life. We try to take the opportunity to spend time with her, to remember that she won’t be here forever.”
Julia Friis.

PHOTO Emilia Bergmark-Jiménez | Söderberg Agentur
STYLING Malin Gustafsson
MAKEUP Kajsa Svanberg | MIKAs Looks
HAIR Philip Fohlin | Link Details
PHOTO ASSISTANT Frida-My Sundqvist
STYLIST ASSISTANTS Sonia Witwitzka, Oskar Johansson

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