Glamorous and rich couture, contrasted with the grimy streets of Lower East Side, Manhattan. Fashion icon and stylist Veronika Heilbrunner offer a new take on the Balmain x H&M collection.

International style icon and Hey-Woman founder Veronika Heilbrunner teamed up with photographer Vera Comploj in New York for an editorial contrast play, starring this fall’s hottest collection – Balmain x H&M.

”My first thought was how amazing the craftsmanship, colours and richness of the pieces would look in a rougher street setting. Kind of 90s ‘hiphop bling’. And I love [photographer] Glen Luchford’s aesthetic. Vera, the photographer, found the most amazing locations just around the corner – I love how photogenic New York is!”, says Heilbrunner.

”Styling wise, I always go for simplicity and wearability. I believe that you look your best when you feel comfortable enough too run and fetch a coffee. So I combined those stunning Balmain x H&M pieces with my Timberland inspired suede boots, and added a simple black ribbed turtleneck here and there.”

I’ve finally found the perfect coat to wear over an evening gown. It gives you a cool and chic ‘French Vogue’ look

Veronika Heilbrunner on the oversized coat with gold buttons from the Balmain x H&M collection.

”To be honest I was shocked how well made it is for that price. It really looks and feels expensive and super rich! Plus knowing how heavy embroidered couture pieces can be, I am amazed how light for example the velvet pearl jacket feels.”

”The oversized coat with gold buttons. I was actually looking for a coat like that, but I never found the perfect one. This one is subtle and cool, but still striking, thanks to the buttons. And I love its ‘outdoor-bathrobe’ feel – you can wrap yourself up and still look chic. I’ve finally found the perfect coat to wear over an evening gown. It gives you a cool and chic ‘French Vogue’ look, and really keeps you warm. Plus it goes with more or less everything I own!”


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