How to find your balance

How to find your balance

Super yogi Patrick Beach guides you through a pose that is equally good for body and mind.

EXERCISE: Extended hand to foot pose

WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? Standing balance and hamstring flexibility. ”This pose creates a lot of poise because the mind must stay calm in order for the body to stay in balance.”

Start by standing with your feet right under your hips in an active position. Press strongly into your left foot and lift the right knee up into your chest. Catch the knee with both hands as it approaches your chest and pull it as far up towards the right armpit as possible. Stop here and hold for a few moments. If you are really stiff, there is no need to go further – you have the option to just stay right here! 

Catch the right big toe with your right index and middle finger. This is another stopping point if it is already very tough!

Begin to extend the right heel out in front of your face. Do your best to keep the right thigh as active as possible, this will help protect your hamstring. Keep your back and spine as long as possible. Try not to lean back! 

Think about your standing leg being strong and straight while you keep reaching the crown of your head up to the sky. If your balance is starting to come in, reach your right arm up there too. Hold here for 5 breaths and repeat on the second side! 



LOCATION: Everywhere, really – check out his workshop schedule on, but based in Seattle, Washington. 

INSTAGRAM: @patrickbeach

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