Master The L-Sit

Master The L-Sit

The goal is to lift your feet off the ground and balance your whole body weight on your hands. Arm strength is required, obviously.


The L-sit looks like a brutal exercise. And to anyone without strong arms – it is. But if you're able do this one, it won't only build your biceps and triceps, it will also chisel your abs and improve the health of your shoulders – enabling you to do a lot of other body weight exercises. 

Yogi, H&M Sport ambassador and H&M Magazine personal trainer Patrick Beach shows you how to do the L-sit in two steps. 

Sit on the ground with your chest bent forward. Place your hands on the ground just behind your knees and under your chest. 

Press your palms into the ground to straighten your arms. Press your heels into the ground.

This is the hard part that requires strong biceps, triceps and core muscles. 

Squeeze your knees toward your hips to lift your feet from the ground. Once your feet and hips are lifted, try to hold the position for ten seconds.


Get to know more about Patrick Beach here and find all workout tutorials under the Sport Studio section here on H&M Magazine.

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