This yoga pose will strengthen your body

Yogi and H&M Sport ambassador Patrick Beach guides you through the chair pose.

EXERCISE: Chair Pose and Half Chair Pose

WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? These two poses are great for balance, trust, leg strength and hip opening. ”Learning what you need to help your body come into balance is a fun game, enjoy it!”

Stand with your feet right under your hips in a natural standing position. Look forward as you begin reaching your arms strongly up to the sky and begin to sit the hips back in space, putting the weight of the body movement in your heels. 

Sit your butt as low as possible without letting your knees go too far forward. Feel the pose really begin to heat up as you get more active in the core and hold everything just as it is for three to five breaths before rising back to stand.

From the standing position, squeeze your right knee up into the chest as much as possible without touching the leg. Begin to lift the inside of your right ankle up towards your chest, this move will be an external rotation of the right femur bone which points that knee out to the side as much as possible. Let the right ankle land on the space just above the left knee. Stand for a moment and find balance.

Bend the standing leg and reach your arms up to the sky, sitting as low as possible while keeping the weight balanced in your heel. Reach your arms strongly up to the sky just as you did in the first chair pose, helping to create an active balance. The deeper you sit the easier it will be to feel the stretch in your right hip and the more strength will be built in the left leg. Hold in your deepest seat for three to five breaths, then rise up and switch sides.



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