Tomáš Berdych: Power Player

Tomáš Berdych is one of the world’s best tennis players. This film captures the strength, passion and complexity of tennis – and of Tomáš Berdych.

”For me, the best thing about tennis is the feeling of victory. A sports battle that finds its winner. It is not just a battle between you and the guy on the other side of court – you often fight yourself. To win that fight is sometimes harder than to beat a strong opponent. Every athlete in the world probably knows what I mean. 

My internal motivation is comprised of small goals, tasks and pleasures to be met every day with joy, smile and submission. With a feeling of happiness that I am able to do what I love, and that I get better all the time. That I not only make myself happy, but also the people who support me. 

My goals in life are ordinary things, such as to be healthy. To be an athlete and at the same time a normal guy, who has found internal peace. My goals are about being better and better, about learning new things. As every tennis player I would like to win a Grand Slam. The road to this goal is long and complicated – but that is also the best part. No one can buy their way to a Grand Slam. 

Tennis players probably are the most complex and fittest athletes in the world. I am not at all trying to disrespect other athletes, but in tennis you have to master everything, plus you need to stay healthy. And you also need luck. The best thing about this sport is that you constantly improve your game. If I was to express the essence of a tennis player in one word I would say quality. For Tomáš Berdych, it would also be faith and desire.”



1. Practice
“If you want to perfect your serve, take a basketful of balls and start serving. 1…8…9… by serve 89, you’re very good. But if you serve until number 567,987 you will be much better.”

2. Balance
“The mental battle on the court is more and more important. I’ll keep my own strategy a secret, but it is about finding a fixed spot where you see things differently. If you are well-balanced and disciplined in your life, you are self-confident on the court.”

3. Small victories
“Big achievements are comprised of little things. I like my life and I enjoy both the little things and the big things. Without those small victories there wouldn’t be any big ones.”


Czech Tomáš Berdych, 28, has a steady spot in the top 10 of the ATP World Ranking. His serve is one of the best on the tour, and he is known for his clean and hard-hitting game. His collaboration with H&M has generated a massive buzz in the tennis world. Shop the collection here

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