Why you’ve been doing your lunges all wrong

Why you’ve been doing your lunges all wrong

But don’t worry, fitness pro Amanda Bisk shows you how to get it right.

EXERCISE: Reverse Lunge Hop

WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR: Cardio, butt


Start with your feet a hip-width apart. Step back with your right foot and bring your arms into running arms. If you have stepped back with your right leg, your right arm should be forward. Lunge down in a long lunge – make sure you step really far back. Make sure your front knee is directly above your ankle and not pressing in front of your toe. We don’t want any knee pain!

When you’ve found your lunge position and running arms, step quickly up through your front leg – that would be your left leg. When you get up, make sure to press through your heel and to squeeze your front knee out towards your pinkie toe.

As you stand up, change your arms so your left arm is in front. Drive your right knee all the way through and up in front of you, like in a running position. Take a big hop into the sky, and then land back down in that reverse lunge. There is a lot of coordination going on, but when you find the rhythm, this will be a great exercise that really challenges your cardio fitness!

”A common mistake with lunges is that people don’t do them wide enough. When you narrow your lunge, you risk getting a lot of knee pain. If your knee hurts, it probably means you are doing it wrong! Watch that front knee – it always needs to be directly over your ankle, not in front of it.”


WHAT: Exercise physiologist, Instagram fitness superstar and H&M Sport Ambassador

AGE: 29 

LOCATION: Perth, Australia

INSTAGRAM: @amandabisk

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