Members get Conscious points for conscious choices

Make conscious choices such as recycling your clothes or bringing your own shopping bag to the store and start collecting Conscious points! Your Conscious points will transform into Bonus Vouchers, redeemable with your next purchase. (Remember to look out for the Conscious marker and continue to make more sustainable choices). Bringing your own bag when you shop in store: 5 Conscious points. Recycling clothes you no longer use: 20 Conscious points & a digital voucher which gives you 15% off an item of choice. Purchasing Conscious products: $1 = 1 Conscious point.

Some of our membership perks:

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The Membership

More — that's what our membership is all about. The more points you collect the better the perks become. 



About the H&M Membership

The H&M Membership is a completely free and digital membership where you can earn points in different ways, free returns, get bonus vouchers as well as personalised promotions and discounts. Stay updated with all your offers by visiting your account page regularly to see what's new. Join today and enter our world of fashion!