For shoes purchased online we have the following return policy. Please note that we can only refund you for shoes, no exchange or repair service is available. From the day of receipt of your items you may, within 3 months for natural leather fabric shoes or within 2 months for non-natural leather fabric shoes, return the shoes to us if any of the following occurs.

1. The unused shoes are not in a matching pair, are of different sizes or if nails appear inside the shoes.
2. The sole, heel, vamp, stitches or upper part of the shoe is broken or if the nail foot of the shoes is uneven or the vamp of the small heel faces off;
3.Glued shoes are split open (the junction between vamp and bottom are split off or bounce off with the length of 2cm and depth of 0.5cm or above), shoes vamp face serious out-pulp, nitration fades out or the folder beaches severely.

We can not accept returns if the shoes are worn or maintained improperly (eg: damaged by rain, wasater, acid, alkali or oil or if they have been damaged intentionally.