3 throwback beauty trends you need to try

3 throwback beauty trends you need to try

Bushy brows and brown lips are back.

Just when you thought there wasn’t anywhere else left on the face to obsess about highlighting, makeup artists and Instagram bring us next-level inner-eye strobing. Always known as a tried-and-true brightening trick, now we’re seeing new ways of emphasising the inner corner of the eyes with fun pops of colour. It’s a small area, but packs a surprisingly big punch in the makeup game. And it couldn’t be any easier. Simply highlight the inner corner of the eyes with bright, shimmery colours (highlighter or eyeshadow) such as pink, blue, gold, peach or even yellow – really anything pale and fresh-looking so it’s noticeable. Wear it alone or pair it with a done-up eye, both are equally stunning. You could also experiment with using glitter as a highlighter or opting for complementary colours (such as green eyeshadow and pink inner-eye strobe). Okay, now we’re totally obsessed!

Have we hit peak brow yet? Judging from the latest iteration of everyone’s favourite face-framing element, not a chance. But rather than the dense and heavily filled-in brows of late, right now it’s about the bushy and fluffy look. The overall effect is laidback, carefree and perhaps crucially, less demanding. So how to get the look? Firstly, this is not an excuse to let your brows go wild, you still want them groomed. Next, brush your brows up, especially at the beginning of the brow, to get them fluffy. Then on to tinted brow mascara or light powders to fill in any sparse areas. Or you can also use pens or pencils to draw on brow hairs, making sure to use a gentle touch for a natural effect. Better still, try the Tinted eyebrow gel packed with fibres to help fluff up your brows quickly. The result? A defined but not overwhelming look for day or night.

Beauty inspiration from the 1990s has finally gone there – tricky brown lipstick, that is. While we’re not advocating the classic ’90s signature of lip liner two shades darker, the modern take on the trend is actually extremely pretty and wearable. These days, brown lips are glossy and more importantly, come in an array of undertones that will suit any skin. Think warm coffee colours, milky browns and pale chocolate-inspired hues with a gorgeous hit of high-shine. The key to finding the right shade? Fair types should look for cool shades of brown with a hint of grey or lilac, while darker skin tones look sultry with a slick of deep chocolate gloss (and possibly a bit of gold shimmer running through it). Olive skin suits rich browns with a pink or red undertone, which look amazing with a tan. In all cases, just watch out for shades that will make you look washed out. Now go and perfect that pout!

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