How to survive a bad skin day

How to survive a bad skin day

Some days our skin needs a little extra moisture and other days we need a cleansing mask. Then there are days when we need all the help we can get.

Sometimes we do not notice that we are dehydrated until our skin tells us so. It can be caused by a long session at the gym, an eventful night at the club or even by the ever-changing weather of the seasons. A hydrating skincare mask will restore your skin’s moisture levels. If your skin is very dry, it will need softening as well. Go for a face mask with coconut water instead. If you are spending a lot of time indoors or in dry weather, a face mist can also be a good friend. 

In the case of sudden breakouts, it will pay off to become your very own skin detective and try to track down the cause for the disruption. Stress? Dry air? If no apparent suspect can be framed, go for a deep-cleansing mask with extra benefits. For example a tea tree-infused mask that will not only clean your face but also penetrate it with anti-inflammatory agents. Also, it is worth considering switching your foundation for a BB Cream instead, as your stressed out skin will crave caretaking and moisture during this breakout time. Use concealer to cover spots, but let the BB Cream smooth out the rest of your face in order to avoid the full caking effect.

For the days when our skin is just a big ”meh” and the usual routine isn’t quite enough, it might be time for some peeling to tighten and brighten. Try a face mask with liquorice and sugar. Make sure to rub your skin thoroughly yet gently with a clean cotton towel after cleaning to truly stimulate and renew. A bronzing powder will also go a long way. Use a big, thick brush for a light pick-me-up effect. Not a fan? Try a cold, pink hue at the very apple of the cheeks close to the eyes. The cold colour will bring out the white in your eyes and warm up your face. 

Another pro tip: red lipstick. It draws attention to your mouth, boosts your mood and always works even when it feels like a lot of others things don’t. H&M’s lipstick in Candy Apple flatters all skin tones. 

Redness, itchiness and skin not behaving? Clearly something is not right. Make sure your brushes and tools are clean by using a Brush Cleanser Spray. Used brushes are not only a fond home for dirt and bacteria, they also attract dust which will annoy skin further. Also look over your skincare regimen. Used any new products lately? Skincare with active ingredients can take some time for the skin to get used to so tread gently. Also, make sure you take your makeup off every night. A micellar water can make that process easier. Follow with a gentle moisture cream. Your skin, just like yourself, needs a little extra TLC (tender loving care, if you’re not big on acronyms) every now and then. Especially during hard times. 

Dark circles under eyes? Saggy skin? First off, drink a big glass of water. You may suffer from dehydration. Next, think about whether you have done some harsh face scrubbing lately? Or used a harsh product like soap when removing makeup? Use an H&M face mask, Cucumber and Aloe while you ponder this. Aloe is a gentle hydrator and the cucumber soothes. 

Diminish dark circles under eyes by dabbing concealer on the skin, but don’t forget to use an eye cream or light moisturiser first. Apply with ever so gentle dabs and small circles to stimulate blood circulation and massage away excess water. Give your skin a little push with a nice highlighter under the outer parts of your eyebrows and on the cheekbones. A small dot in the inner corner of your eye also has a popping effect.

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