The simple way to do a Pull-Through Braid

Gorgeous Toronto-based vlogger Ashley Bloomfield shows us an easy hairstyle that combines the beauty of a braid with the elegance of an up-do. This simple plait only looks complicated!

Canadian vlogger Ashley Bloomfield inspires her followers with her sunny personality and her positive messages. Her social media accounts are filled with easy-to-achieve hairstyles – she’s a braiding wiz – and a love for life and adventure that’s contagious. 

For her Expert’s Corner, Ashley shows us one of her favourite styles involving a braid (of course)! Even if you’re all thumbs, Ashley’s easy-to-follow instructions will have you braiding like a pro. 


WHAT: Youtuber and braiding wiz

LOCATION: Toronto, Canada

YOUTUBE: Ashley Bloomfield Q

INSTAGRAM: @ashleyymari3


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