Unicorns and peanut butter are the new makeup trends


It’s time to inject more fun into your beauty routine.

Call it the Instagram-effect, but unicorn makeup is officially a *thing* in beauty. Anything opalescent, holographic, rainbow or bright pastels falls under the magical umbrella term of unicorn, and can apply to eye makeup, highlighters, lips, nails, you name it. So why now? It’s fun, it’s playful, it’s pretty. It’s also about getting a three-dimensional, multi-spectrum glow that traditional sheen just does not have. The key to avoiding any patchiness of colour is with a well-moisturised base, but that’s about it when it comes to the rules. If you want to ease into the look, a pastel-coloured mascara accompanied by an opalescent lipstick is stunning and very “now”, while to go whole unicorn, get holographic-heavy on the eyeliner, highlighter and lips and prepare to be enchanting all day.

For the uninitiated, PB&J refers to the humble yet tasty peanut butter and jelly sandwich popular in North America, but in beauty terms, it’s the latest way to wear lip colour. The technique is all about mixing different shades of lip colour by “smacking” the lips together (like how the peanut butter and jelly collide on bread) for a unique look. Apply one shade on your bottom lip and then another on your top lip. At this point, you would normally and instinctively rub your lips together, but what you want is to literally smack the colour by making the smacking sound with your lips. The different colour combinations are endless and no two smacks will look the same. Just remember: a PB&J lip is best done with lip products that don’t dry too quickly. Time to get creative!

Pink hues for the eyes need not conjure up thoughts of conjunctivitis (aka, the medical condition pinkeye), especially when it can look so exquisite in real life and in pictures. The secret? Go for extremes in the colouring – pale pink (think cotton candy) or bright pink (maybe even neon!). For the pale pink, a cream eyeshadow with a glossy layer over the top looks equally cool and pretty. No wonder it’s favoured by many of the It-girls of Instagram. As for a bright pink, the shock of fuchsia is perfect as an eyeliner, or if you’re wanting to get artsy, graphic lines or shapes across the lid. The secret to not looking sickly at any point is to keep all colour on the lid and never under the eye. That and a good primer for the eye to ensure none of your gorgeous pinks ever go astray.

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