7 must-haves for a soft winter glow

7 must-haves for a soft winter glow

Get your holiday glow on! These are the products you’ll need for that soft, sophisticated and multi-dimensional look.


To achieve that lovely glow, you want to start with best possible canvas – natural yet completely neutral. This is where you’ll begin to sing the praises of this lightweight colour correcting face primer. After you’re done with skincare, apply a thin layer of the green primer to neutralise redness for an even skin tone or peach to neutralise dullness for a brighter complexion. Then move on to your base (foundation, BB or CC cream or tinted moisturiser) or perhaps the primer is enough, in which case, lucky you!

QUICK TIP: Try using different colour correctors for different areas, such as the green for ruddy cheeks or around the mouth, while peach is perfect for dark under eye circles.


Once you’re happy with your base, it’s time to lay the groundwork for that soft glow. Using a lightweight, sheer powder all over your face like this one instantly adds sophisticated shimmer and dimension to the skin. Think of it as a setting powder, gently sweeping it across your face and if you fancy, lightly applying to your décolleté, collarbones and tops of the shoulder, too, so that you’re glowing from all over and at all angles. The peachy shade brightens your face, while a subtle bronze warms things up and gives you that sun-kissed look.

QUICK TIP: Use the largest, fluffiest brush you have to apply the glow powder. You want to simply dust the powder over your skin.


While on your way to an ethereal glow, keep your face defined with well-groomed brows. This super-fine brow pencil with a retractable tip and spoolie on the other end is all you need. In a matte and smudge-proof formula with six available shades, choose whether you want your brows strong or natural, darker or lighter, then lock it all in with brow gel (clear or tinted if you want a little more oomph). Use the spoolie to shape the hairs and blend the pencil strokes for the most natural look.

QUICK TIP: Regardless of what kind of effect you go for with your brows, remember that your brows are sisters, not twins! In other words, brows do not have to be exactly alike nor perfectly symmetrical to look their best.


You really can’t ever go wrong with an eyeshadow palette. Not only do you get co-ordinated shades that take the guesswork out of matching colours, but you also have so many beautiful combinations! This collection contains a blendable baked formula in shimmer and glitter finishes for the glow factor, and a two-for-one function – apply the eyeshadow dry for buildable colour or with a damp brush to bring out intense colours and effects. Our current favourites? The oh-so pretty rosy metallic shades.

QUICK TIP: If you’re new to palettes, lighter colours are for highlighting (the brow bone and inner corners of the eye), dark shades are for drama and creating dimension (the outer corner and crease of eyelids) and the more medium shades are for the main part of your lid and blending.


Fact: no glowy look is complete without highlighter. But why just use one when you can have three? These versatile and highly blendable shades have the right amount of radiance and better yet, can be easily layered to stunning effect. Or how about wearing all three on the face in different places? We adore the pink-toned highlighter on the top of the cheekbones, the champagne one for the inner corner of the eyes, nose and Cupid’s bow, and the peach for brow bone. Soft, gorgeous and the ultimate in multi-dimensional glow.

QUICK TIP: The best brush for highlighting along the cheekbones is usually a fan brush, but the tapered brush is just as good and can also be used for the smaller areas such as the inner corner of the eyes.


Eyeshadow doesn’t have to have all the fun! Lip colours get in on the palette action with this wonderfully creative (and limited edition) set of a dozen shades to mix, layer and customise to your heart’s content. With dynamic colours in semi-matte gloss and metallic finishes, it’s easy to achieve an abundance of looks. This would be the perfect time to try out the two-toned lip, but there’s also a white and a black to simply lighten or darken any of the other colours.

QUICK TIP: For plumper-looking lips, apply any colour to the outer area of the lips and then fill in the centre with a lighter shade. Blend lightly with your finger or a brush, or carefully smoosh your lips together.


Why should your makeup bag be relegated to inside your handbag or suitcase? Especially when it comes in a deliciously soft velvet like this. Keep your glow necessities close at hand and use the makeup bag as your going out clutch instead! Lined and easy to clean just in case those spills and accidents happen, the velvet bag with sturdy zip top is not too big and not too small for any occasion.

QUICK TIP: As well as all the products to keep up your glow, make sure to tuck in a few cotton buds for any clean-ups on the go. And to avoid loading up on powder through the night, simply take a single ply of tissue and carefully blot the areas that you feel are getting a tad oily.

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