Enter the new beauty season with these 7 must-haves

Enter the new beauty season with these 7 must-haves

Though we’re sad to wave summer goodbye, by now we’re also itching to do more than just swipe on cream blush and go.

When you want a bit more coverage than a tinted moisturiser but are still after a base that melds seamlessly into the skin, a luxe cream-to-powder foundation is the answer. You’ll get a smooth, velvety finish that looks natural and feels comfortable, and the handy compact is perfect for throwing into your makeup bag for any touch-ups. It’s buildable, too, for areas that are prone to redness or any other discolouration. Plus, the semi-matte look is a nice change-up from dewy, and dare we say it – more chic.

QUICK TIP: The key to really natural-looking foundation is to apply it in places you really need it. In other words, it’s not necessary to do the whole face all the time. Foundation evens out skin tone, while it’s concealer’s job to tackle the imperfections.

We always hear that we need to blend, blend, blend our makeup, especially to avoid harsh foundation lines and the triple stripe of bronzer, blush and highlighter. For a seriously seamless-looking face, the buffer brush is your BFF. The densely packed bristles are cut at an even length, enabling you to literally buff products into the skin for an airbrushed effect. Using a swirling motion, you’ll be pushing the product into your face so it melts into the skin, rather than just sitting on top.

QUICK TIP: For extra coverage, try tapping the buffer brush on your skin to add more product. You may find that you’ll be able to skip concealer all together!

It’s the little things that count, right? Like having a two-in-one product, in this case, a creamy, matte concealer on one end of a pencil and a sheer, shimmery highlighter on the other. A concealer in pencil form gives you precise coverage of minor imperfections and dark circles, while the highlighter can get into tight spots such as the Cupid’s bow or the inner corner of the eyes. Simply dot or draw onto the skin and then gently pat into place with a finger or brush. 

QUICK TIP: You can also use the concealer end to line just outside the lips to prevent any feathering or bleeding, plus it’ll really make the lip colour pop. Just think of it as “reverse lip-liner”.

Welcome back loose powder into your makeup routine. Perhaps we’re not completely done with the dewy look, but in line with the luminous, semi-matte skin that’s also growing in favour, an invisible loose powder is just the trick. Especially when it also evens out the skin tone. Lightly dust over the t-zone to keep the wrong kind of shine at bay and definitely use over places where you’ve used concealer to lock it all into place.

QUICK TIP: If you have oily skin, use a powder puff. It absorbs oil and creates a more velvety finish. For a soft, glow-y complexion, a powder brush will help create that.

Twenty shades in one palette equals countless colour combinations and hours of fun, though with hues so gorgeous, we won’t hold it against you if you want to keep it simple with a single dose of colour. Inspired by the Mediterranean, the finishes vary from matte to pearly to metallic and lean towards bronze, copper and pink sunset hues. Use dry for a sheer wash or wet for added drama, or transform shadow into liner with a stiff, angled brush.

QUICK TIP: For a smoky eye or something more complex, try doing your eye makeup before anything else to avoid any fallout so you don’t have to apply and re-apply your foundation work.

When you want a strong lip but would prefer not to go through the effort of prime-line-apply-blot-re-apply-adjust, a jumbo lipstick pencil is just the thing. The pencil tip will give you enough precision along the lip lines, while the comfortable, moisturising formula glides on easily and has a great colour pay-off so you don’t have to layer. And did we mention the longevity of a lipstick pencil over a cream lippie? Sold!

QUICK TIP: Start by lining the lips and then simply colour them in. For an ombre effect, just scribble another colour in the centre of your lips and smack them together to blend.

Repeat after us: bronzer is not just for summer. For that healthy glow and lively warmth all year round, it’s a no-brainer to always have one on hand, like this lightweight, sheer bronzer. With just a hint of sophisticated shimmer, you’ll instantly add dimension to your face. Or when blush just feels like too much with full-on eye-makeup and/or lips, just a hint of bronzer will magically tie everything together. 

QUICK TIP: For very subtle contouring, use bronzer along the hallows of your cheeks and blend well. Or for all-over warmth, take a large fluffy brush and gently dust all over the face.

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