How to tie a turban like an expert

It protects your locks from the scorching sun and is the perfect accessory for both good and bad hair days. This is Lulama Wolf’s guide to tying a terrific turban.

Sunshine can treat skin disorders, make hair grow faster and help your body release vitamin D. It’s a wonderful thing, but you need to expose yourself to it gradually and carefully. We all know that sunblock and layers of clothing are efficient when it comes to protecting skin from sun damage, but few know that both the hair and scalp are just as sensitive to damage as the rest of the body.

Aspiring artist and Johannesburg It-girl Lulama Wolf Mlambo’s hair is awe-inspiring, and does require some work to keep in trim. That’s why she often keeps it tied up in a turban. When stalking her while vacationing on Corsica, she showed us her best turban tricks.

First and most importantly is the fabric – you need to have a big scarf. Once you have that it’s easy – start by folding it in half, into a triangular shape with the tip facing the tip of your head. Grab the scarf’s ends and place them centred against the back of your head. Lean forward when you tie it so you’re sure that your entire ’do gets coverage. Bring both ends forward and tie a simple knot in the middle of your forehead, then twist the ends of the scarf around your head till you run out of fabric, or just once more if you want to leave some hair out. 

Finish the turban by tying a bow in the middle of your forehead. Voilà! Your hair will thank you.


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