It's a date! Hair and makeup essentials.

It’s a date!

For date night, it’s all about looking like the best version of yourself – plus a few practicalities. You’ve got the place, time and outfit, so read on for the hair and makeup essentials!

Lip stain
While it’s tempting to bust out the poutiest, creamiest red lippie for date night, the reality is that lipstick can quickly fade away to a not-so-pretty ring while eating and drinking. Pucker up instead with a brightly-colored lip stain – a welcome yet equally alluring hit of weightless color, moisture and staying power.

QUICK TIP: If you feel more confident with an opaque lip color, use the lip stain first, then apply a thin layer of lipstick in a matching shade and blot.

Flexible hairspray 
While you understandably want to keep your ‘do in place, you also want touchable hair! Enter flexible-hold hairspray, which you can also easily layer and re-style with ease. You can also use it to play up your hair’s natural texture: spray then pinch and slightly twist a few strands together. 

QUICK TIP: The can also doubles as a styling tool! Spritz your hair then roll the body of the can over your ‘do to lock in any flyaway hairs. It’s much more delicate than using a comb or brush.

Everyone looks amazing by romantic candlelight, right? So mimicking that glow regardless of actual lighting conditions must be a no-brainer! Apply just above the cheekbones (to accentuate), under the highest part of the brow arch (to lift), the inner corner of the eyes (to brighten), and the cupid’s bow (to give the illusion of fuller lips).

QUICK TIP: You can use liquid highlighter on your body, too! Dab on the tibia or shinbone and thighbone if you’re wearing a leg-exposing outfit, or along your collarbones if they’re on show.

Nail polish
Nothing screams polished – literally – than a pretty manicure. Once you’ve cleaned, buffed and shaped your nails, it all comes down to the choice of nail polish. A pinky beige is neutral yet a little naughty when you’ve got longer nails. Dark, vampy colors look more modern on short nails. And, of course, you can never go wrong with a classic red.

QUICK TIP: For a more precise way to clean up manicure mistakes, ditch the cotton swabs and opt for an angled eyeliner brush instead. 

Body scrub
Soft, smooth and supple skin is just a few circular motions away. If you don’t use a body scrub on a regular basis, now’s a good time as any to start. Not only will you find your moisturizer sinking in better afterwards, but the rice and olive granules will also prep your skin beautifully for any self-tanner. 

QUICK TIP: If you have the time for a bath before you go out, the prolonged soak will make scrubbing off dead skin cells even easier.

Lash curler
It’s true – curling your lashes makes a big difference to your look. Your peepers look brighter and more defined, while your lashes seem longer and more plush. And while they still look like a torture device of sorts, a lash curler with the right grip and pinch-proof pad makes it a breeze. 

QUICK TIP: To keep lashes curled longer, start with a waterproof mascara, wiggle at the base and then layer regular mascara on top. 

The secret weapon when you want to look your utmost best: concealer. Always use after foundation and, for the best results, use two different shades – one slightly lighter than your skin tone to brighten the under-eye area and another that matches exactly for any other imperfections. 

QUICK TIP: Use a pinpoint brush to dot a tiny amount of concealer onto a blemish, then pat into place with a finger until it appears seamless. It’s like retouching for the skin!

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