Get into holiday spirit with Wes Anderson

See the iconic director’s new holiday film for H&M – and find out what Adrien Brody thinks about it.

Wes Anderson is at the helm, Adrien Brody plays the lead, and we’re on board a train with strangers. 

This year’s holiday film from H&M shares striking similarities with the director’s 2007 masterpiece The Darjeeling Limited – but this time Adrien Brody is not in India nor together with his brothers. Instead he portrays a conductor on a train stuck in a blizzard on Christmas Day, which ultimately forces everyone to delay their holiday plans and celebrate the big day with the people from the neighbouring compartments. 

“Setting off by train with Wes was a lovely reminder of our days in Rajasthan together on The Darjeeling Limited. That experience was one of my most cherished memories on location. Shooting on a train creates an intimate and perfect backdrop to tell a story of travels and the unknown. In this case, our train was designed and built from scratch, the carriages are a beautiful canvas for this whimsical Christmas journey," says Adrien Brody.

The carriages are a beautiful canvas for this whimsical Christmas journey.


Wes Anderson is one of the most notable directors of our time, acclaimed for films such as The Royal TenenbaumsRushmore and The Grand Budapest Hotel. He’s known for his great attention to detail, his unique way of working with sounds and colours – and his recurring pool of actors, where one is Academy Award winner Adrien Brody.

"Reuniting with Wes on this H&M film is a little like getting the band back together. He has assembled a tight team of talented and collaborative individuals that he has amassed from across the globe. It feels like one, big (very creative) family reunion. We had a blast bringing Wes' vision to life,” says Adrien Brody.

The theme of the film is “Come Together”, which is exactly what we all need to do as we’re wrapping up yet another year.

“The communal gathering of strangers on a train is a simple yet charming reminder of the holiday spirit. Perhaps the gesture resonates even more at a time in the world where we could all do with giving a stranger a hug,” says Adrien Brody.


H&M’s holiday collection is available in stores and online from the end of November.

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