The backpack is this spring and summer’s key accessory

Let go of any associations you have between the grown-up backpack and the one you used to carry maths books in back in primary school.

Modern men are always on the move. A backpack should combine fashion and function and is way superior to any other bag in the menswear spectrum. Whatever style you’re into – whether it’s a retro suede one or a more contemporary nylon model – you can’t go wrong once you strap it on. The key styles this spring and summer draw references from 90s streetwear, which means shiny nylons, zips and no more than two pockets.

The backpack is the most utilitarian and comfortable bag on the market, but shoulder straps don’t look great with every outfit. You should avoid wearing a backpack with a suit, partly because the shoulder pads risk getting deformed from the weight of the bag, and partly because it’s more often than not a difficult look to pull off. Opt to mix your smart items (pea coats, shirt, suit trousers) with a sportswear-inspired backpack.

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