Leandra Medine, a.k.a The Man Repeller, wore a pyjamas to the H&M Studio A/W16 show.

Going to a fashion show in Paris is just like a show in any other city but it feels a tiny bit more buttoned up. The first season I attended shows in Paris, I had these notions about needing to look more dressed up and act a little more...mature. Ultimately, though, no one cares and no one is expecting anything from you. In terms of the actual shows, though, Paris is special because here is where the smart ideas and concepts that will carry us over to the next season are really born.

For the H&M Studio show, I wore a pajama-style look with trousers and a double-breast blouse from the Fall collection. It was the one that felt the most "me." The venue was a place of commerce in the 2nd arrondisement – very high ceiling and shiny, dark floors. 

With Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis and Caroline de Maigret.

Every time I turned my head I noticed another recognizable face: Emma Roberts, Kate Mara, Caroline de Maigret – there were photographers everywhere. A real spectacle in that amazing way you expect a fashion show to be one.

As for the clothes – cowboy boots are back, eh? Was also really interested in the velvet pants and embroidered details. 

Backstage with Ann-Sofie Johansson.

After the show, I went backstage to congratulate [H&M Creative Advisor] Ann-Sofie Johansson. She was lovely. We took a couple of photos together, I congratulated her on the show and she thanked me for coming, but there were loads of people there to interview her and the models in her peripheral were changing. There was champagne and a lot of buzz – enough to get your adrenaline up even after having slept only three hours on a flight the night before. 

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