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Bring back your power shoulders

Strong shoulders are crucial when it comes to slaying. Amanda Bisk guides you step-by-step.

EXERCISE: Plank Hip Hikes

WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR: Upper body strength. ”This is an amazing workout for shoulders, core and arms”, says fitness pro Amanda Bisk. 

EQUIPMENT: A bench if you’re at the gym, a dining room chair if you’re working out at home. Anything steady and knee-high would work. 

REPS: Beginners, start with 10 repetitions. Advanced, do 15-20. 

Start in a plank position with your feet up on a bench or a chair. Make sure to press through your finger tips so that you don’t put any extra pressure on your wrist.

Remember: whenever you are in a plank position, make sure to pull your belly button into your spine in a nice, tight core. Draw your shoulders away from your ears. 

From this position, hike your hips up to the sky, as high as you can. Make sure you press nice and strongly through your arms.  Lower your hips slowly, and come back down to plank position. 


WHAT: Exercise physiologist, Instagram fitness superstar and H&M Sport Ambassador

AGE: 29 

LOCATION: Perth, Australia

INSTAGRAM: @amandabisk

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