The must-do exercise to boost your butt

The must-do exercise to boost your butt

Fitness pro Amanda Bisk guides you to a simple but effective butt-lift.

EXERCISE: Lying Single Leg Hip Lift

WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR: Your butt. ”It is a really great butt exercise, and you might feel it in your hamstring too,” says Amanda Bisk. 

REPETITIONS: Do 10 on one leg then change. If you are advanced, do 20 on each leg.

EQUIPMENT: A bench or similar.

Lie down on the ground and place your feet up on a bench, leaving one heel on the bench. Point the toes of your opposite foot up to the sky. 

Lift your hips up to the sky, as high as you can. Make sure that you press through your heel – because that will activate your butt. It is important to only use your heel and not your whole foot. Pressing through your whole foot will activate your hamstring instead of your butt, and we want to focus on the glutes. 

Keep your palms resting to the ground, you can use them for a little bit of stability. 



WHAT: Exercise physiologist, Instagram fitness superstar and H&M Sport Ambassador

AGE: 29 

LOCATION: Perth, Australia

INSTAGRAM: @amandabisk

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