We know that concealer can work all kinds of magic with spots, under-eye circles and redness. But what’s the best way to attack these pesky problems? Read on and we’ll reveal to you the secrets!

1. Start with a freshly cleansed face and moisturise all over. Make a primer your new BFF, especially if your skin is dry and flaky. A primer not only acts as a protective layer between the skin and makeup, but also provides a smooth surface for your favourite base, whether that’s foundation, BB or CC cream, or tinted moisturiser, and makes it last longer, to boot. So go ahead and apply that primer and base now. 

2. If you’ve got a BLEMISH or small areas of DISCOLOURATION… Apply a tiny amount of a concealer on each spot/area with a soft eyeshadow brush – concealer brushes are usually quite hard and will irritate the skin or spot. Buff in the concealer softly and blend away any noticeable edges. Apply another thin layer of concealer, if necessary. If you still think a blemish is showing through, use a small, thin brush and literally dot a small bit concealer on the spot. For oilier skin, set the concealed spots/areas with a translucent powder using a beauty sponge or puff and pad gently. 

A note about which type of concealer to use: Try to use the ones that come in palette form. These types are drier – which means your good work is less likely to slide out of place – but still creamy and blendable.

3. If you’ve got DARK UNDER-EYE CIRCLES… This one is a bit of a game-changer. Make a triangle shape with your concealer under your eye, pointing down and towards the nose.
 This larger area allows for seamless blending with the rest of your face, but most importantly, it also “lifts” and brightens the under-eye area. Apply thin, quick stripes of concealer, not dots, because lines will blend more evenly. Blend with your ring finger, dabbing gently. The heat of your finger will help the concealer melt into your skin. Avoid dragging the product across the skin at all costs! 

A note about which type of concealer to use: Slightly runny formulas work best here, especially the ones that come in a tube with a doe-foot applicator or a pen brush. 

4. If you’ve got REDNESS… If you are prone to extreme redness, consider a green-based concealer to counteract the ruddiness and apply this before your foundation, BB or CC cream, or tinted moisturiser. Otherwise, opt for a yellow-based concealer and apply after your base. Using your ring finger, dab a thin layer of concealer onto the red parts, literally “melting” it into your skin. A word to the wise: red skin is often quite sensitive, so ensure that you clean your brushes daily and avoid using sponges – you don’t want bacteria to build up and inflame your skin! And, of course, make sure you apply your makeup with clean hands.

A note about which type of concealer to use: You’ll want to find something with higher coverage and suited to your skin type. 

5. Wow! Concealer is truly a magical thing. Your skin imperfections have disappeared into thin air and you now have the perfect starting point for any makeup look your heart desires, or perhaps you just want to flaunt your flawless face? 

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