The recycled denim collection

A more sustainable indigo collection made from recycled and leftover materials.

When it comes to more sustainable fashion, we like to challenge ourselves. We believe that it's innovations and ideas that bring us closer to closing the loop: creating a sustainable life cycle where nothing goes to waste. Where we renew and reuse old materials. Questions is, how recycled can a garment be?

A new pair of denim requires thousands of litres of water to create. Finding a vintage pair takes non (perhaps a thirst-quenching glass after hours searching for those vintage jeans in the correct size). Looking for that perfect pair can be a time-consuming struggle and not everyone can find that golden ticket. The best thing would be if we could create something new without creating new materials, and make this way more accessible than a rare vintage find. What if we could create something wanted with something unwanted? Introducing our recycled denim collection.

By going backwards and reusing leftover fabrics, we can move forwards and create denim that’s kinder to the planet. All pieces in this collection are made from repurposed materials.

Isn't it amazing to have a denim collection like this to represent the possibilities of recycled materials? Maybe you think that the '90s and patchwork details are only a trend, but we promise you, it is an ever-returning one. Either way, it's a collection you don't have to struggle to find. And feel extra good about wearing.

Remember, waste isn't waste until you actually waste it.

The collection will launch from 9 September with selected pieces in stores and full range online.

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