Happy Chinese New Year

It's a season best shared with your loved ones.

Combining traditional festive concept with contemporary chic elements, H&M Chinese New Year Collection 2022 with its dynamic mix-and-match style creates a new look for the new year. A colour palette, dominated by the vibrant flaming red that bodes good luck, makes every moment of the new year a shining one.

This campaign invites talents of different ages, genders, and identities to celebrate the joy of reunion, conveying the fearless fashion attitude and daring confidence of being oneself. H&M’s 2022 Chinese New Year collection is now available in-stores.

The womenswear collection incorporates variance of colours and prints into classic pieces such as dresses, skirts and jackets. Symbolizing hope and energy of the Year of the Tiger, the tiger has been used as the source of inspiration for various designs such as the coloured stripes, hand-drawn patterns and playful cartoon images. The tiny bear print injects vitality into the pieces like denim tops and fleece jackets, creating the fun of revisiting childhood on a New Year’s Day. For accessories, the beret, beanie and bags complete the look for women who embrace self-expression. 

For menswear, vintage college style blends perfectly with streetwise fashion. Colours include red, denim blue, dark green and orange, with a touch of bright yellow or all-over print. The collection features essentials like denim hoodies, coloured sweaters and pants, as well as work jackets, polo shirts and printed shirts that can be worn on different occasions during the New Year. Some of the pieces capture iconic baseball elements, ingeniously blended with details such as tiger prints, letter and number patches, releasing energy and vitality to unlock the possibilities of the Year of Tiger.

H&M’s 2022 CNY collection also features fabulous festive looks for kids. Lovely red dresses and doll-collar knitwear for the girls, while the tiger-stripe jacket and printed sportswear highlight the energetic personalities of boys. The lotus-coloured cardigan and white shirt are trimmed with exquisite Cheongsam buckle details. The hair accessories for girls are full of traditional elements that represent good health and well-being. This year H&M continues to launch adorable Mini-me parent-child outfits to create a loving, festive atmosphere for the family.

H&M’s 2022 Chinese New Year collection is now available in-stores.

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