Kiss Me

Five iconic kisses, five real-life love stories. We celebrate the magic of unforgettable kisses with a nod to some of pop culture’s favorite moments.

Kissed for the first time last fall. 

Jah: “We kissed the first time we saw each other, at an event Kristian was hosting in Los Angeles. We locked eyes across the room.”
Kristian: “There were a lot of people in the space, but we ended up just talking to each other, having deep conversations. By the end of the night, when Jahlil was leaving, I took the initiative and we kissed. When you meet certain people, you just click.”

Kissed for the first time three years ago.

Ari: “The first time we saw each other was at an art show a mutual photographer friend hosted. We ended up hanging out after, and then we saw each other every day after that, like four or five days in a row. One day we came from the beach and I was dropping off Tundae at his house. That’s when he kissed me, in the car.”
Tundae: “The first time I kissed her, I knew it was the right moment. Nothing was holding me back.”

Kissed for the first time 35 years ago.

Rick: “We met quite late in life, we were both in our 30s and most of our friends were already married and had kids. I got involved in a show at a country club and noticed Jan sitting at a table close by during rehearsals. I asked the man next to me who that cute girl was, and he looked at me and laughed, replying ‘that’s my daughter.’ I walked over to her and introduced myself.”
Jan: “We went on our first date the following day.”
Rick: “I was living by the ocean at that time, and had decided to take it slow with Jan because I wanted to be sure she was someone I could love and trust. One night I walked her out of my apartment and down to the beach. Then I kissed her.”
Jan: “We had dated for some time and still had never kissed, so I thought ‘it’s about time’ when we finally kissed.”

Kissed for the first time last summer.

Sedona: “We first met on the set of a music video that a friend casted. We had a lot of mutual friends and we would see each other with them and kind of hang out. Then Leatrice moved to Tokyo. We’d talk a lot when she was there.”
Leatrice: “I didn’t have a lot of friends in Tokyo, so it was really nice and comforting that she would always be there to talk to me.”
Sedona: “When Leatrice came back to Los Angeles, we went to the Chateau Marmont for lunch and ended up kissing in the lobby. It was the first time we kissed, and it was really nice and sweet. The perfect kiss is all about the connection. You have to follow your instinct. When the timing is right, you should just go for it.” 

Kissed for the first time six years ago.

Amber: “My sister was working at a pizza place, and she kept telling me about this sweet skater boy who would come in and get pizza, and that I should meet him. One night they had an art show at the pizza place, and that’s when we first met. But we didn’t see each other for a long time after that. Then we hung out at my house one night, and that’s when we had our first kiss.”
Jordan: “It was one of those moments, like ‘alright, I have to kiss her.’ And after [the kiss] I was like, ‘damn, I could have kissed her much sooner!’ I had definitely thought about kissing her for some time. ‘Should I do it now?’ kept running through my mind.”
Amber: “The best moment is right before the kiss, when you both know it’s going to happen.”
Jordan: “Every kiss is different. Sometimes I kiss her, and be like ‘alright, she’s in that mood.’”
Amber: “Yes, it’s a good mood tell.”



PHOTOGRAPHER Daria Kobayashi Ritch | Jones MGMT

STYLIST Caroline Newell | Streeters

HAIR Lauren Palmer | Lowe & Co

MAKEUP Karo Kangas | Forward Artists

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