Men's capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a versatile, stylish and sustainable way to shop.

A capsule wardrobe refers to a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don't go out of fashion, such as shirts, jeans, and sweaters, which can then be easily augmented with seasonal pieces.

The key to a capsule wardrobe is quality over quantity. Rather than having a closet full of clothes you never wear, a capsule wardrobe contains only the items you love that you know you will wear repeatedly and that you can easily mix and match to create countless stylish outfits.

A classic oxford shirt

There's something about a classic oxford shirt that just oozes effortless style. So, whether you're dressing it up with a blazer for a sharp look or keeping it casual with jeans, an oxford shirt is a wardrobe essential for any stylish man.

If you're looking to add a classic oxford shirt (or two) to your wardrobe, here are a few things to keep in mind. First, there are two main types of oxford shirts: dress oxfords and casual oxfords.

Dress oxfords are usually made from a finer, more tightly woven fabric and are best worn with a suit or sport coat. On the other hand, casual oxfords are typically made from a coarser, more heavyweight material and will work great as a standalone shirt.

Second, oxford shirts should be snug but not tight when it comes to fit. You should be able to button the shirt all the way up comfortably, but there shouldn't be any excess fabric around the waist or midsection.

Lastly, we need to think about the color options. As with all garments in a capsule wardrobe, we’d recommend starting with neutral colors such as white, light blue or black. They will get you through the day just as well today as in five years and will be easy to pair up!

Versatile crewneck sweaters

A crewneck sweater is one of the most versatile garments a man can have in his wardrobe. So, whether you're dressing up for a casual day at the office or a night out on the town, a crewneck sweater is the perfect way to show you mean business.

Wear a solid color like navy or gray for a more traditional look. Or if you're feeling daring, try a bolder hue like red or green. Just make sure to avoid big patterns since these will come and go stylewise.

Pair your crewneck with a button-down shirt and dress pants for a sharp look that will get you noticed. Or go for a more relaxed vibe by pairing it with jeans and a tee. No matter how you wear it, a crewneck sweater will keep you looking your best.

Chinos are a true workhorse

Chinos are a stylish option while also being comfortable and easy to wear, making them an excellent choice for everyday wear.

The key to style success with chinos is choosing the right fit. They should be slim fitting but not skin-tight and hit at the ankle for a modern look. Pair them with a button-down shirt and blazer for a smart office look or dress them down with a tee and sneakers for a casual weekend outfit.

Next, think about the color. Chinos come in various colors, but khaki, navy, and black are the most popular options. Choose a few colors that will work with the rest of your wardrobe, and you’re off to a good start.


Hoodies for a casual look

Hoodies are popular among men of all ages and great for casual and formal occasions. They can be plain or printed and are often made from a cotton or polyester blend.

We’d opt for a plain hoodie in neutral colors, such as gray and blue, for a capsule wardrobe since they won’t go out of style and will pair well with all types of jeans.

Talking about how to best style a hoodie. There's no wrong way to style a hoodie. You can wear them with jeans, shorts and sweatpants or even underneath a blazer. All you need to make sure of is that the hoodie fits well. So, avoid oversized alternatives, especially when dressing it up.


Jeans are a must-have

A well-fitting pair of dark-wash jeans is a must-have for any man’s capsule wardrobe. Jeans can be dressed up or down and are perfect for any occasion.

There are many popular styles of jeans to choose from, but in terms of building a capsule wardrobe, we’d opt for straight-leg jeans. As the name implies, straight-leg jeans are cut straight from the hip all the way down to the ankle and are probably the most classic style of them all.

When considering the wash of the jeans, a darker wash is the most versatile and can be dressed up or down, while a lighter wash is more casual. Finally, pair your straight-leg jeans with a variety of tops, for example a button-down shirt or a simple tee. Both of these essentials will look great with your jeans.


Picking a great coat

A vital component of any capsule wardrobe is a great coat. A coat is the perfect finishing touch for any outfit, whether it's for a night out or taking a walk with friends.

There are a few key things to keep in mind when shopping for a coat. First, consider your climate and choose a coat that will keep you warm in the colder months. However, a lighter-weight coat is better if you live in a warmer climate.

Second, think about the style of coat that best suits your personal style. Having said this, you can never go wrong with a classic trench coat or a simple car coat. Both alternatives will be an excellent match for most men, and they will never go out of style.

Once you've found the perfect coat, make sure to take care of it, and it will last you for years. Hang your coat on a padded hanger to avoid stretching the fabric and store it in a cool, dry place. With proper care, your coat will be a staple in your capsule wardrobe for years to come.


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