4 perfect beauty looks for summer

Using our favorite multi-purpose products, we give you four simple looks that will make the most of your tan and let you shine at every summer party.

You don’t have to spend hours at the beach to get the perfect, glowy tan. Mix H&M Let It Glow Body Oil with your body cream and apply evenly all over your body. Mix a little with your face cream too, and apply evenly to your face. Dust some bronzing powder over your cheekbones and temples. 
Curl your eyelashes and apply clear or waterproof mascara. Shape your brows using clear H&M Brow Shaping Gel. 

For luxurious defined curls, gently treat strands of your hair with the H&M Beachy Keen Salt Water Cream for a texturized yet soft look. Apply some H&M Sea Mist Salt Water Spray to the lengths for extra definition and boost the volume at the roots with a dusting of H&M Conscious Dry Shampoo with a hint of peppermint! 

Keep the base light. Apply H&M Glorious Shimmer Highlighter in ‟Delicate Pearl” on the center of your nose, your cheekbones' highest point and on the mid-section of your eyelids. Use an eye shadow pencil – we chose H&M Eye Colour To Go in ‟Appaloosa” – and apply all over your eyelids, using your fingers to blend. Use some Vaseline for extra shine. Apply H&M Eye Colour To Go in ‟Sun on Sand” in the inner corner of your eye and in the Cupid’s Bow of your lips. Curl your eyelashes and apply coats of mascara. Finish the look by applying a brown blush just under your cheekbones and blend it upwards. 

Create some volume! Begin with spraying some H&M Sea Mist Salt Water Spray onto damp or dry hair, work up the curls with your fingers by twisting the hair. For even greater volume, boost your roots with H&M In Between Days Dry Shampoo – now you've got a good foundation for a messy updo. Gather all of your hair and put it up in a ponytail, combing it only with your fingers – not using a brush will maintain the texture. Wrap it around the hair tie and attach the hair strands with a bobby pin. Finish the look off with some H&M The Works Session Hairspray to hold it all in place! 

This party look is based on look number 2. Apply a black liquid eyeliner – if you think this is difficult, use the bottom end of a toothpaste tube and hold it at the angle you want your wing. Apply the eyeliner along the tube to get an even and steady line. 
Curl your eyelashes and apply coats of black mascara. 
Apply some pink cream blusher on the apples of your cheeks. Finish off with berry red lips – we used H&M Cream Lipstick in ‟Deco Ruby.” 

For nighttime, go for a slightly messier version of look 2. Start off with prepping your hair with H&M Sea Mist Salt Water Spray for definition and matte texture. Boost both the lengths and the roots with some H&M In Between Days Dry Shampoo before creating your ponytail/knot/bun. Then, pull out a few strands of hair around the nape, ears and forehead for a messier look. Spray these strands of hair with H&M Sea Mist Salt Water Spray to create texture and to keep them in place. 

Summer is the best time to ditch makeup altogether, if you feel like it. Use the H&M Let It Glow Body Oil all over your body. Apply a little on your face too – along your cheekbones, the center of your nose and your chin. Apply a very little amount (you don’t want to get oil in your eyes!) on your lower eyelid. Curl your eyelashes, and that’s it!

Another way of varying your updo. Instead of creating a matte texture – let's go glossy! First step is to control your hair and define the texture with H&M Sea Mist Salt Water Spray, then tie your hair up in a knot using a hair tie and some bobby pins. Use only your fingers and no brush for a natural/messy feeling. Next step is to pull out some strands of hair around the forehead, ear and nape. And now for the variation: spray the strands with H&M Gloss It Over Finishing Spray for a glossy, slightly wet look variation, and to hold it all in place.


PHOTO: Patricia Reyes/Hall&Lundgren

STYLIST: Ellen Pålsson Norberg

HAIR: Johanna Rask/Mikas Looks

MAKEUP: Nina Belkhir/Mikas Looks

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