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3 must-try lip trends

These new lip trends are totally worth the effort and experimentation.


By now, we all know the age-old trick of lining slightly outside your natural lip line for a fuller look, but if you have a bit more time, seriously pouty lips can be yours via some au courant contouring. First, choose a liner two shades darker than your lipstick and draw an “m” along your Cupid’s bow. Draw another “m” in the centre of your bottom lip and then a sideways “v” on the outer corners of your mouth. Apply your lipstick and blend nicely. Finish by tapping a cream highlighter in the middle of your Cupid's bow and sweeping some bronzer beneath your lower lip. The shadow underneath your lip and the brightness on your Cupid's bow also help with the illusion of fuller lips. 


The latest beauty import from Korea to make waves? The gradient lip. It not only gives the impression that you’ve been sucking on a popsicle, but it also makes your eyes appear larger in comparison. Prep your pout with a lip balm and blot. Next, lightly tap concealer all over lips – essentially erasing them. Blot again. Using your fave lipstick or lip crayon, run the colour along the inner rim of your lips, top and bottom. With your fingertip, blur the pigment out toward the corners of your mouth, keeping in mind that the colour should be brightest in the centre. The key is to blend the lipstick horizontally rather than vertically so that it doesn't reach the edges of your lips, leaving a visible rim of concealer around the perimeter. Blot your lips again and voila, a soft bloom of colour.


Once the preserve of goths only, black lipstick is popping up everywhere – thanks to the darker, more dramatic lips seen on the catwalks, but also our natural inclination for rich burgundies and purples once autumn hits. The trick is to use black lipstick as a transformative tool. Place it on top of any other shade to simply darken it. In an instant, you’ll have a deeper, more dimensional and more mysterious colour. Think of it as a “smoky lip”, which, just like its eye counterpart, anyone can rock! You can also try using black lipstick to line the outside of your lips, and then blend it inward for an ombré effect. Bottom line? Black lipstick is amazingly versatile, so just give it a go.

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