3 skincare quick-fix trends to try now

3 skincare quick-fix trends to try now

From the latest word to come out of South Korea to getting that all-over glow, find out what’s new now!

Cleopatra isn’t a beauty icon for nothing, and when it comes to skincare, she may have also been on to something with her milk and honey face masks. Because it turns out that honey has several benefits for your skin and it’s the latest ingredient to garner a huge amount of – ahem – buzz. Honey’s main claim to fame is its antimicrobial properties. The enzymes in it release natural acne-bacteria-blasters (flavonoids, hydrogen peroxide and phenolic acid) which make it very clarifying, but it’s suitable for all skin types. Honey also has a good dose of antioxidants that accelerate healing of the skin, and manuka honey in particular supports skin’s natural immunity, reinforces the skin barrier and helps protect skin from damage and environmental factors. Rather than taking the DIY approach (think of the mess!), the easiest way to start with honey is with a mask like the Manuka Honey peel-off mask.

The latest word from South Korea, that hotbed of beauty trends and tips, is something called the “three-second rule”, which refers to the three-second window that you have after cleansing to apply the first skincare product. And why are Korean women doing that? Damp skin is more receptive to the active ingredients housed in your serum or cream than dry skin because it’s more permeable. In other words, you’ll get better absorption of your products using the three-second rule. The key is not to have soaking wet skin, though. And don’t worry if you’ve gone past the three seconds or even minutes after cleansing. Simply use a damp face cloth to moisten the skin or spritz with a face mist and then go to town with the rest of your skincare routine. 

Whether you’ve been working hard on getting that glow from within by finding the right skincare routine for you or become an expert with highlighter and a fan brush (or perhaps both!), sometimes it’s okay to cut corners. Honest! Especially when we’re talking about illuminating drops. The sheer, liquid highlighter can, of course, be used on its own, but it really shines (wink, wink) when added to any fluid or cream product such as moisturiser, foundation or primer. You’ll instantly get that all-over glow that’s so covetable right now. Simply start by adding a drop or two to your desired product on the back of your hand and mix. Add more illuminating liquid if necessary and mix again. Then smooth all over your face and admire your new-found radiance.

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