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3 sparkly nail art hacks to try now

These nail art ideas go from subtle to full-on shine, whether you prefer a hint of gold or want 24K cool.

Gold flecks elevate a simple nude nail. Cut small strips of gold leaf paper, the more jagged the better. Paint nails your favourite shade of nude. While still wet, carefully place the paper strips onto nails with some tweezers. Finish with a clear top coat to completely fix the gold leaf.

Paint outside the lines to go for (avant-garde) gold. Use clear polish to paint your nails and over the nail bed. Sprinkle H&M’s gold glitter dust over the nail and the top of the finger. Use a brush to sweep away the excess and finish with another coat of the clear polish.

A sparkly nail bed is instant disco. Paint your nails your preferred colour. While still wet, use tweezers to place a mix of gold and silver palettes on the bottom third of your nail. Finish with a clear top coat.

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