How to fix your winter beauty problems

How to fix your winter beauty problems

No more static hair, dry skin and runny eyes.

Cosy sweaters, hot chocolate indulgences and snowboarding are all good reasons to love the season. Dry winter skin, however, is not. 

Contrary to popular belief, dry, itchy, flaky winter skin is not due to the cold, but the dryness in the air. Indoor heat combined with zero humidity outside does not help either. In fact, it makes things even worse as the constant shift between temperatures confuses the skin, which forces it to react with dryness, flushing and even outbreaks. 

The golden combination of moisture and protection, however, will stop this from happening. 

Start by dry-proofing your environment. A humidifier is a good investment. Keeping one on in the bedroom at night gives your skin a head-start before going outside. Keep your home warm but not hot, lower the temperature at bedtime. A nice blanket will keep you snug and the body temperature is naturally lower during nocturnal hours. Also, a lower temperature is better for the environment. 

Contrary to popular belief, dry, itchy, flaky winter skin is not due to the cold, but the dryness in the air.

As tempting as it may seem, washing your face in the morning is not the best idea. Your bare-stripped face will react to the cold outside, possibly with irritation and flushing. Opt for a gentle toner instead. This also preps the skin for moisturising, which is a must. Go for a lighter moisturiser during the day, it will boost hydration. A simple tip is to mix a few drops of face oil in your moisturiser or foundation. Not only does it give extra protection to the skin, it also adds a nice, dewy glow. 

If your skin is very dry throughout the day (is the heater blasting, perhaps?), freshen up with a moisturising face mist. Consider swapping a full-coverage, mattifying foundation for a lighter one such as a BB creme. More moisture and less drying ingredients.


Oh, and choose wisely among your cleansing products when it comes to getting ready for bed. Stick with gentler, milder products like H&M Micellar water, which cleanses and moisturises at the same time. Pat skin dry, do not rub. Unless your skin is very flaky then rub very gently with a cotton cloth, as a kind exfoliator. Don’t forget your lips, if they tend to chap. Follow with lip balm. 

Night-time is a good time to increase the skin’s protection. Use a hydrating product, then seal the moisture with a heavier night creme or a face oil. Oil is a good overall product during dry times, which makes perfume oil a wonderful idea, as well as a body mist before using a body lotion. A nice body oil such as H&M Conscious Multi-use oil, can also tame static hair and make cuticles go from cracked to manicured in a second. 

It is also a good idea to consider a moisturising face mask such as H&M Conscious Conditioning Face Mask at least once a week to stay on top of the dry-game. Don’t be afraid to dab it on your face and leave it on during the night either. Remember – ‘tis the season to be jolly, don’t let dry skin stand in your way.



Solution: Hair oil. Not too much, but a few drops evenly distributed throughout the strands. A nice travel-sized hair oil bottle will fit in your bag.

Solution: Waterproof mascara is a given, of course. But another option is a no mascara-look. Use a nice, soft, neutral eye pencil along the upper eye lashes and a nude along the lower lashes. Combine with a great, red statement lipstick for a bold ”queen of winter” look, or go for icy, pale pink for cute ”ice skater princess” look instead.

Solution: Hold the concealer! First make sure your nose is hydrated in order to avoid flakiness. Use moisture too before reaching for the concealer rather than the foundation. If very red, consider a green colour correcting product. 

Solution: Cuticle oil. Your cuticle and finger tips are most vulnerable. Use cuticle oil first, then hand creme. For a special boost, use a moisture face mask on your hands at night, under a pair of thin gloves. 

Solution: Messy braids! Let the messiness be part of your style. Own the mess. Form a messy braid and decorate it with cute accessoires like clips or a head band.

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