7 beauty buys we won’t go on holiday without

7 beauty buys we won’t go on holiday without

The essential beauty products to pack for a holiday in the sun.

While a sun destination ticks many of the boxes when it comes to a fun and relaxing holiday, what do you do with your holy grail foundation or tinted moisturiser when you find yourself a little more tanned? Well, there’s definitely no need to buy or bring multiple shades if you’ve got these Custom Colour Drops, lightweight drops that easily blend with any base formula to get the perfect match to your current skin tone. 

QUICK TIP: Shake the bottle well and using your finger or sponge, blend as many drops as necessary with your foundation, tinted moisturiser or even regular moisturiser for sheer coverage on those good skin days.

Hot weather demands melt-proof makeup. And though you’re not likely to be in full-face mode on holiday, you still want to look pulled together. A silky liquid eyeshadow fits the bill, especially in an on-trend rosy metallic shade and paired with well-groomed brows. This lightweight formula glides on smoothly and easily for lasting, creaseless coverage that only takes seconds to apply and blend out. Giving you more time to frolic in the sun.

QUICK TIP: Whether you want to wear the eyeshadow sheer or built up, gently pat onto the lash line first and blend upwards to the crease, then use a clean finger or brush to smudge out the edges. Simple.

Even if you aren’t at a beach per se, beachy waves and summer always seem to go hand-in-hand, so a salt water spray is a no-brainer. Not only will it add body and a matte look, but you’ll also get that all-important texture and separation that looks oh-so effortless. Spray onto damp hair for best results, scrunching it in to encourage waves and leave to air-dry. You can also use on dry hair for added tousle.

QUICK TIP: Try not to overload the roots – salt spray works best on mid-lengths to the ends. But, if you want a bit of lift, spritz some into your roots when wet, as you would do a root-boosting product.

When it comes to sun holiday beauty, less is definitely more. And while that liquid lipstick or perfectly lined and filled red lip looks amazing at home, there’s something deliciously laid-back and chic about a soft, natural lip with just a hint of shine courtesy of a lip balm. Fragranced with natural aromas and coloured with natural minerals, this gentle lip balm has a deeply moisturising formula that contains certified organic shea butter, jojoba oil, beeswax and castor oil. 

QUICK TIP: Luscious lip balm like this can also be used as a multi-tasker: apply on the cuticles, any dry patches on your body and even a small amount on top of the cheekbones for a subtly glossy highlight.

The importance of a roomy yet elegant makeup bag in soft, transparent plastic whilst on holiday is two-fold: one, you’ll be able to quickly see its contents and find what you’re looking for, and two, whether you’re at the beach, on a city break, trekking or wherever really, it’s thoroughly wipe-clean (inside and out) should any mishap befall your belongings. Plus, the zip-top and press studs at the sides make the bag super easy to reach into.

QUICK TIP: Plan your makeup choices around your outfits and make an effort to bring the few shades that match your ensembles. This will help minimise what you pack and you’ll be able to avoid bringing stuff for the sake of it.

Yes, sandal weather! Sure, bright reds, pinks and corals are often the go-to colours for summer, but how about some neutral metallics instead? You’ll get the same high-gloss and rich, flawless finish in one coat, but they’ll literally go with every outfit you’ve meticulously packed and if you do end up with a chip, it’s not as noticeable against your skin tone. Because life is too short to worry about your nails whilst on holiday.

QUICK TIP: Don’t shake nail polish before using it. This gets air bubbles into the polish, which stops it going on smoothly. Instead, roll the bottle, between your palms, upside down.

Let’s get down to business: basking in glorious rays of sunshine can leave your skin a bit dehydrated and irritated. And while slathering on body lotion and SPF are obviously excellent ideas, moisturising can now start earlier in the showering process. A shower cream is not only a luxurious in-shower treat that leaves skin cleansed and conditioned, but its hydrating formula combines orange oil and olive oil with soothing aloe and chamomile – perfect for after-sun care.

QUICK TIP: While a hot shower is great for the body, it may not be great for your face – it can be too drying and make it redder. Cleanse your face when you get out of the shower, not before.

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