7 beauty essentials for the party season

7 beauty essentials for the party season

Whether you are a certified beauty junkie or an ordinary mortal – this is your cheat sheet to the holiday season.

Even before you step near a makeup brush, why not literally bathe yourself in some subtle shimmer, too? This gentle body wash has been infused with a bit of sparkle and a lush pomegranate and caramel fragrance so you’ll be able to glow from head to toe!

QUICK TIP: Really invigorate the skin by using a loofah with the body wash – you get a bit of a massage and boost blood circulation.

Before you step out of the shower, take the time to exfoliate your lips with a specially formulated scrub. Gently buffing away any dry flakes with sugar granules, this scrub also nourishes with vitamins E and B5 and almond oil. The result? A clean and smooth canvas for your favourite lip product.

QUICK TIP: Apply to your lips and leave on for a few minutes (to let the moisturising ingredients really sink in) before massaging in a circular motion. Rinse with a damp washcloth.

Once you’ve dealt with skincare and applied your base (tinted moisturiser, foundation or BB cream just provide the even-toned canvas), concealer is what will really give you a flawless finish. With three blendable shades, you can custom-match everything from dark circles, pigmentation and blemishes.

QUICK TIP: Pinpoint concealing will make spots disappear before your eyes. Dot a minute amount of concealer with a tiny brush directly on a blemish and then lightly blend by patting your finger around the edges.

What’s a party look without faux eyelashes? After cutting the faux lashes to fit the length of your eye, or cutting it up into two or three pieces for even easier application), take some time to bend the lash band around an eyeshadow brush or similar so they’ll be more pliable and comfortable. 

QUICK TIP: For a seamless application that barely feels like the falsies are there, try applying them under your lash line instead of on top of it (just be careful to avoid the waterline!).

With a palette of 20 luxe colours, there’s plenty of eyeshadow to play with. For this look, though, opt for a combination of the same colour of varying shades. Start with a wash of the lightest shade over the entire lid, up to the brow bone, and then use the darker shade along the lash line. 

QUICK TIP: Primer is especially important – it staves off oily lids, creased lids, smearing or fading and just makes eyeshadow application easier. If you don’t have any on hand, a thick-consistency concealer will do the trick, too!

If you’re wearing faux eyelashes, mascara will help blend the faux with your natural. Plus, you’ll get an even fuller look. But if you’re going the mascara-only route, opt for a curling formula to get the most height, volume, definition and length possible. 

QUICK TIP: You can also try creating a cocktail of mascaras with different formulas – thicken and separate, volume and waterproof, you get the picture!

The pièce de résistance for this party look – glitter – need not be scary or a disco ball gone wrong. For that thoroughly modern take, it’s about treating the glitter more like a highlighter. First, concentrate the glitter on the eyelids and then a bit under the lower lash line. Then apply glitter along the top of the cheekbone, connecting with the sparkly area around your eyes.

QUICK TIP: You’ll need an adhesive for this glitter. Either dab the adhesive first and then apply glitter on top or mix the adhesive and glitter together before applying. Either way, you’ll find a slightly damp eyeshadow brush will make things easier. 

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